Lay the draw o banca pareggio by Gianluca Landi

LAY THE DRAW by Gianluca Landi is a betting exchange strategy that is enjoying great success among all users and followers of the social profiles of Gianluca Landi and of the Telegram Betpractice Italia channel. This success is due to the fact that it is a very simple strategy to put into practice and because it is having a very high success rate since May 22 2018, date on which it was launched. The strategy imade only one red up that was immediately recovered from subsequent signals. You can see all in the “Lay the Draw by Gianluca Landi strategy results” article.


How this Strategy was born

The “Lay the draw by Gianluca Landi” strategy was born in late May when a preset filter was inserted into Betpractice by the same author that made a rough selection of the matches that respected the first step for the choice of the match.

The filter for a series of technical reasons, absurd and senseless requests from users who did not understand the huge gift made and an improper use of the same filter, which was only a first selection, it was decided to remove it from Betpractice and not to create discontent among the users who used it, Gianluca Landi decided to give the "ultra selected" signals of this strategy in his profiles so as to understand how Betpractice works and the enormous advantages that can be had by using it in correctly and professional way.

The “Lay the draw by Gianluca Landi” strategy is making a huge contribution to understanding the advantages of the betting exchange and by using the right tools you can make a profit with a very limited risk and a drawdown that is zero at the moment!

It is clear that a success rate of 97.1% can not remain forever because statistics in the long run balance events, but for now the percentage is unique and in any case always using money management the problem does not exist!


How to follow the strategy

The signals of the Lay the Draw strategy are provided by Gianluca Landi on his social profiles the day before the match starting or about 5-8 hours before it. On his social profiles it is announced that there is a new signal and from 23 August they are inserted in a specific page of the website:


It is useful to confirm that all signals are given to all users before the match starting  and are visible to all to follow them and not inserted fake screen at the end of the match when the final result of the match is known like all phenomena people do on the web or on social media, infact they put matches coupons only as the result was obtained or write always after it was the match of the century and they did it ......

Instead Gianluca Landi does the opposite, he makes them visible to everyone before, putting his face and exposing himself publicly as he knows the goodness of his analysis and the best odds provided to users.


How the strategy works

The strategy must be applied only during live and not pre-match as it must verify the first key condition that is that the lay the draw odd on the Betfair Exchange or possibly on Betflag must go at least below 3.00. If the odd does not fall below this value, because one of the two teams scores first, the strategy can not be done!


When enter the market

Therefore, the minimum odd value of the strategy must be 3.00 and the stake must be calculated taking into account the responsibility that must coincide with the stake allowed by your own money management of 2% or better still 1% of the value of your account . Never ever go beyond these percentages even if the success rate is so high.

We recommend to follow the match and to enter a lot below the limit odd or enter by steps when the odd goes down, decreasing the average entry odd and having a significant advantage when a team will score a goal. Many excellent entries are made in the second half, but, I repeat, it is recommended to follow the match as we do sports trading.

The strength of the strategy with this super selection is to have the pre-match odds between 3.10 and 3.80 maximum but in general the average is 3.40 and then already after about 30 minutes from the start of the match the odd reaches the minimum entry value.


The pre-match chosen draw odd is a value bet that becomes even more a "super value bet" during the live. Value bet is the one that allows to obtain constant profits over time.


I gave the entry limit of 3.00, above which you must not enter, but follow the matches as do all the students of the Gianluca Landi academy. You can also enter at lower odds and have a minor responsibility and consequently a bigger stake and green up.

Who wants to put the strategy into practice must necessarily follow the live and insert the lay order upon reaching the minimum value of the stake.

If, as happened sometimes, the selected match does not go live because Betfair suspends the market, this can not be done because the odd of 3.00 would not be reached and you can not back “over 0.5” on bookmakers. The strategy is just lay the draw done in live and everything else does not exist!


When exit the market

The strategy in its simplest and immediate formulation requires to exit in green up as soon as one of the two teams scores a goal especially if you do not have experience and do not know how to behave during the live.

It is clear that if the goal will come later, the profit will be higher.

If the result of 0-0 persists during the game you can think to exit the market around 80 - 85 minutes in red up reducing losses ONLY IF THE MATCH IS OFF AND THERE ARE NO SHOOTS IN THE DOOR otherwise I advise you to stay until the end of the match even considering that with my selection the goals are made towards the end of the game.

The possible exit in red up depends a lot on the entry point of the strategy because if you enter below 3.00, for example 2.20, you can enter with a lower stake and wait for the end.

In case of a goal of the super favorite team towards the end of the match you can remain watching the match almost until the end. But pay attention to the match.


How matches are selected

To avoid misunderstandings, the selection of matches is done by the undersigned with a first visual filter on Betpractice, but then the final selection is made considering a series of crossed statistics and with my personal experience. As I have argued in many articles tools, software and statistics are fundamental, but the selection that takes into account a whole series of crossed variables can only be done by the human mind and there is not any other kind of system or automation in the betting exchange. This concept must be clear to everyone!

Lately I gave matches with very low Betpractice odds that ended with the victory of one of the two teams. It is necessary to know how to read odds.

For those wishing to follow the strategy can do it on my social profiles only if:

      • you know how the betting exchange works and how to lay the draw
      • you always use money management
      • you can follow the live match
      • you make green up at the first goal

I want to thank all the hundreds of people who have written to me in these months to congratulate me on the strategy and the signals I give for free as they are increasing their bankroll and understand the magic of sports trading.


Video with the strategy explanation

Below you will find the video explaining the Lay the draw strategy so you can understand the basic rules to apply it. I suggest before doing anything to read this article well and see my video.



Achieved results

The results of the Lay the draw by Gianluca Landi strategy have been extraordinary and you can check them yourself from the date of May 22, 2018 by consulting the site article with the Excel table that takes into account all the variables involved.


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