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Lay the Draw with draw balance is a betting exchange strategy that is yielding truly outstanding results for our users. Matches are selected using the proprietary draw balance indicator and can be found at Matches that meet the predetermined values are entered into the DB Prediction Tab under Lay: draw balance > 10% on two different bookmakers. The 0-0 percentages between the selected matches are significantly lower than the averages in the respective leagues and below the 3% threshold. It is possible to receive draw balance alerts directly on ScoreTrend for those with the professional subscription (it is included in the subscription until 31 August 2024 then it will have its own dedicated plan); you can try it free for one week with the free plan. As of 15 May 2024 after approximately 4 months, the Draw Balance indicator is no longer free but included in some subscription plans (Advanced, Essentials and Professional).
The Draw Balance with the settings mentioned above is having astonishing results in the half-time: you can consequently think of doing an over 0.5 ht and in the event of a loss switch to the break-even bank.

As far as operating with this strategy is concerned, the basic principles of the classic lay the draw still apply. The lay the draw strategy works and will always work as the game of football aims to score at least one goal more than the opponents. What is important for profit is the choice of the match on which to apply it: this is where our proprietary indicator comes into play.
In addition to betting on a full-time draw, it is possible to do a first-half lay the draw or an over 0.5 half-time: if you analyse past results with a draw balance greater than 10, you will notice a high percentage of half-time goals (80%). Any goal market strategy can be applied accordingly.

This indicator was created and designed to trade pre-match on the draw and lay the draw live. Collecting results with values >10%, one can see that 0-0s are very low. From this basic consideration, one can think of different strategies for the over. Look at the percentage of over 1.5 full-time: something unique!
We now tackle this strategy in more detail by explaining how to optimise profits.


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Draw Balance Values for Lay the Draw

Our user already has a clear path to profit with this strategy as the draw balance is used to choose the matches. The draw balance is an indicator that shows an imbalance between the draw odds and the statistics. When the draw balance is > 10% statistically at least one goal must be scored. In order to have ahigher reliability of the signal in the predictions, we include matches that have a value > 10% on at least two of the major bookmakers. We recommend this value on Pinnacle and Bet365. Bet365 and Sbobet are also included in the prediction tab (we recommend the former two).
The draw balance highlights this imbalance between odds and statistics and is constructed with a series of related parameters that make it accurate and reliable.

Several of our users have also applied the strategy with values above 7% and still obtained very satisfying results. The limit we set is 10%, but even lower values still bring excellent results. The draw balance value can be found in the main screen of scoretrend asianodds and is indicated by the term DB. Next to this abbreviation, you will find the asterisk where clicking on it will open the guide and explanation of this indicator.

Here are the trades made by a user banking the Draw Balance of ScoreTrend asianodds with values > 7%.

results lay the draw with draw balance user


Telegram bots with Draw Balance

As of 15 May 2024, the draw balance has been included in ScoreTrend  customised strategies. It is now possible to build a draw balance alert with the results you will find in the updated excel file later in this article.
To be able to activate the draw balance, you need to log into the ScoreTrend alert dashboard and then log out. As soon as you re-enter the dashboard, the system will have registered you and you will see the draw balance function active. The system needs two logins to the dashboard to register you in the database.

You do not enter the list of leagues, but it is recommended that you remove the women's leagues and Argentina as these are the ones with the lowest return. We will therefore no longer include them in the excel file. If you eventually want to make them, it is recommended to watch the match on the charts and enter the final part of the match with a price that is worth the risk.
The settings used are as follows:


 Draw balance impostazioni alert


Until 31 August, Draw Balance is included in ScoreTrend's professional plan and for a limited time you can take advantage of a one-week free trial. If you want to use it, you need to create a strategy by entering the above parameters and activate it on the dashboard. You will receive the relevant alerts via telegram. Go to ScoreTrend plans

The Draw Balance does not have a dedicated channel but is a strategy that must be entered within the alert dashboard.

You can use the Draw Balance together with other parameters to build stronger alerts or get the signal at a certain minute.

As of 1 September 2024 the Draw Balance will have its own dedicated plan with the cost taking into account the results accrued.

Lay the Draw with 1-1 hedge

A very interesting variant of lay the draw with draw balance is to hedge the liability on the 1-1 result. This hedge brings a higher profit because, as already mentioned, 0-0s are very few. By covering the draw you can stay with the bet even in the case of 0-1 or 1-0 being covered on the 1-1. You only cash out on the result of 0-2 and 2-0 and I recommend also on 1-0 and 0-1 after the 85th minute. In the case of a draw in stoppage time, indeed, you would not lose anything but you would not make a profit either. We recommend betting the live draw at odds of 3.00 or lower and hedging on the 1-1 result. You should study our excel file carefully to get an idea of the results, the minute of the first goal, the final results etc.


First Half Results with Draw Balance

The results of the Draw Balance alerts with values > 10% on Bet365 and Pinnacle (obtained with the alerts of the professional plan and the settings shown above) are entered into the Excel file and continuously updated. As you can see, the percentage of matches in which they have already scored half time is around 80%. The entry strategies can also be different by checking the other live parameters such as goal trend and reliability.
I recommend using the recovery cycle as a money management tool to recover any losses in cycles.
We recommend a minimum entry fee of 1.7 on over 0.5 ht; the fee must take into account the match and the various parameters. If you have a lower appetite for risk, you can instead decide to make the bank draw at odds of 2.50 or even 3.00. Obviously the odds will be lower, but the result will always be positive. You can possibly bet over 0.5 full time.




Video explanation lay the draw with draw balance

In the video below, which can be viewed on my youtube channel Gianluca Landi and in the Playlist asianodds scoretrend, I show how to apply this live strategy with excellent results considering that the 0-0s are considerably below the average in the respective leagues.


Results Draw Balance first half

In the following video I show the results obtained with the same strategy in the first half and explain the evolution of the draw balance in recent months. In the video I show how to construct the various strategies and how best to use them.


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