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Gianluca Landi - Professional sport trader is the official website of Gianluca Landi, professional sports trader since 2007 and founder of ScoreTrend. The domain was registered back in 2004 and is the centrepiece of an international project focused on the betting exchange and professional betting: it aims to give people the opportunity to enter this sector in a serious and professional manner. In this portal you will find many articles, videos, calculators and various methodologies developed over the years, which are collected by categories. If you are looking for a specific topic or would like to explore some aspect in more detail, we invite you to use the search function that you will find at the top right-hand side of all pages.

There are many betting exchange platforms worldwide: the largest and most liquid is Betfair, followed by Betdaq, Smarkets, Matchbook and in the US ( United States of America) Prophet exchange.

The betting exchange functions exactly like a financial market (Nasdaq, Euronext, Nyse, London Stock Exchange) with the same rules, methodologies and operational features. The difference lies in the underlying object of the transactions: here it is a sports market of a football match, tennis, basketball, cricket, horse racing etc. Sports trading is much simpler as the variables influencing the outcomes are few and the statistics are all in our favour.

Gianluca Landi, a pioneer of betting exchange in Italy, has contributed to the growth and development of sports trading through his web network, books, videos, telegram channels, courses and specific conferences. Gianluca Landi has been a professional sports trader since 2007 and was the first to trade sports live nationally on the financial TV station Class CNBC in 2014.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

We answer the most frequently asked questions from our users and readers regarding betting exchange. If you can't find an answer to your question on our website or are unsure about a concept or strategy, you can send us an email or fill in the contact form in the menu above. We will respond to all emails or requests sent.

The betting exchange is an electronic peer-to-peer bets exchange platform between players or sports traders with opposing views. There is no bookmaker that lay the odds, but an authorised operator that manages and operates the exchange system. In this type of betting, the odds are higher than in traditional betting because there is no bookmaker's profit. The inventor in 2000 of the back and lay was Betfair, which is the world's leading platform.

The way betting exchange works is quite similar to a financial exchange: the bettor bets a odds of a sports market which is in turn layed by another user if the odds and the amount entered match. If there is no liquidity at the desired odds, the bet cannot be matched and awaits another user. In classic betting, the concept of liquidity does not exist as it is always the bookmaker who executes the desired amount if he deems it appropriate.

The benefits are innumerable and there are no weak points other than a greater study of the subject dense with new concepts. The advantages can be summarised as follows:

  • Higher odds on average by 5-10% compared to traditional betting;
  • Live betting: you can back or lay at any time you see fit;
  • Possibility of making cash out: this option allows you to freeze and collect your winnings at any time without waiting for the end of the sporting event. The amount cashed out depends on the minute you want to perform the bet;
  • Lay the bet i.e. playing against the event itself as the bookmaker does: the concept of liability namely how much you risk and have to pay if the outcome of the bet comes true;
  • No fixed commissions: you only pay a commission on profits earned in the region of 5% with Betfair (depends on country of residence) and 2% with Betdaq 
  • no government tax for most countries. Profits do not have to be brought into the tax return. The winnings accrued are net, spendable immediately and do not need to be declared to the tax authorities;
  • No closed gaming account if you win (the winner is welcome): if you generate profits your account is not closed because you are not 'enemies' but 'business partners' with the exchange operator who generates revenue if you make profits in the market;
  • Transparency of the odds: on websites or software, the odds are always visible with the amounts available: the user always knows if he can execute his transaction.

The liability or risk is the amount you have to pay, by laying the stake, to the person who hits the outcome of the market you bet on. The liability is calculated with this formula = (stake layed -1)* (stake layed). The liability is not fixed like backing a odds but increases as the value of the odds increases. Great care must be taken when laying at high odds as the risk is high and this is the liability.

Laying on an odds means betting that a certain event will not occur: you go against the market and behave like a traditional bookmaker. For example if you lay the sign 1 or the win of Juventus vs Milan you have the win if Juventus does not win or draws or loses. The win will be the value of the layed stake while the eventual loss will be the liability of the layed stake itself. The betting exchange revolves around the concept of the layed stake which allows for odds trading, scalping and cash out.

Liquidity is the sum of all the back and lay bets present in each market on the exchange and for each stake level. Without liquidity within the market, no trade can be executed and therefore it is the fundamental and vital parameter for back and lay at the same time. If liquidity is low, the risk of the trade is greatly increased. The beginner is led to think that once you back or lay in the exchange you are immediately at a loss: this is not true because the potential loss is due to the back-lay spread. The narrower the spread (minimum difference between the two values), the more it means that there is liquidity on that market. Consequently, it makes sense to trade in markets where there are a lot of back and lay bets. The limitation of the exchange is precisely liquidity. The quantum leap will occur when and if shared liquidity is achieved.

The profit a bettor can make depends on the money he has in his gambling account. To make consistent profits, it is necessary to learn a serious method that uses statistics and use strict money management. Do not be lured by images of profitable screens or impressive winnings as they are the mirror to attract people into this business. There are no secrets or hidden methodologies that need to be revealed, but there is only the study of the subject and adherence to a precise plan of action. Everything here is entirely up to you and there is not and will not be anyone who will get in your way but yourself. The psychological impact and mindset is fundamental to becoming a professional sports trader..

The differences with traditional betting are many and obvious and all favourable to the platform user. As a first aspect, it should be emphasised that the gaming account is not closed if the customer is a winner as there is no competition but sharing the same interests. If the customer makes a profit he pays a commission to the manager and consequently the account is not closed and one can operate constantly, even making it a profession. There is no welcome bonus but only a refund of the commissions paid as the manager does not earn on the client's losses: this is a positive aspect and not a negative one as many want to see. The odds in the exchange are higher than in traditional betting and in live betting they move steadily and not in 'spurts' as time goes by: there is no bookmaker lock when there are dangerous chances and a goal can be scored. It is possible to lay a odds and use the time decay to our advantage. On the other hand, it is not possible to play in a physical agency but only with an online gaming account.

The Betfair simulator has been temporarily suspended from the site and is unavailable. Our team has created a simulator where you can test your strategies in back and lay and see the liability for each trade, profit and risk return. You are encouraged to simulate with increasing step inputs if the market goes up over time to see where and when to green up or red up. The calculator is mainly used to simulate strategies in paper trading before using your own money..

There are many betting exchange sites in the world with different features, functionality and liquidity. The main bets exchange operators are:

  • Betfair
  • Betdaq
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook
  • Prophet Exchange

There are many betting exchange trading softwares that take advantage of the bees offered by the platforms. There are specific software for scalping, strategies or automatic trading. Each software has specific characteristics and consequently one should choose the one that best reflects one's operational needs. All software is for Betfair, some for Betdaq and Matchbook

The main and most popular software are:

  • Traderline
  • Geeks Toy
  • Bet Angel
  • Betting Assistant
  • Market Feeder
  • BetTrader
  • Fairbot
  • Wagerttool


All strategies have advantages and weaknesses. One must choose the right strategy for the market and the league we want to operate in. It is essential to follow the trend and in leagues where there is a lot of scoring, to make strategies focused on the over such as: bet on current over, bet on next step over; lay the draw draw, lay the opposite, layexact results (second part of the match), bet BTS yes (both teams score yes); in leagues with a lower average goal it is advisable to make strategies on the under markets (time decay of the odds) such as: bet on under 2. 5, scalping on current under, progressive dutching on exact results, dutching, betting on draw with 0-0 insurance, betting BTS no (both teams score no).

No you can only bet or laya single sports bet. In the past on it was also possible to lay the multiples of your choice. The odds that were offered were at a non-value odds and were therefore unfavourable to the user in the long run. 

Of course it is possible and yours truly Gianluca Landi has been the example since 2007. To be able to make a living from exchange and become a sports trader who can withdraw every month from his gambling account you have to change your mentality (not a gambler), study the basic concepts of this sector, carefully analyse the game by exploiting statistics, use correct and iron money management, don't go into over trading and above all don't think that there is a miraculous strategy or method. Everything here is up to you, but commitment, study and self-denial are required as these are not bets but an underlying that you exploit to your advantage.

The literal definition of cash out is 'cash out now' and is an option that allows the user to exit the bet at any time either pre-match or live. A mathematical formula is used to split the profit or loss into equal parts at the current odds: from that moment on, whatever the final outcome of the sporting event, the gain or loss is frozen. 

Asianodds are the odds, or rather the Asian spreads of the most important bookmakers such as Pinnacle, Sbobet, 188 Bet, Crown bet etc, which suggest to bettors, sports traders, arbitrageurs and the bookmakers themselves the odds movements of a sporting event (football, tennis, basketball, etc). They are important for making a prediction of a match and serve to confirm a qualitative analysis made with football or tennis statistics. They play a key role in the final choice of strategy as the big money movements are concentrated on these Asian players. Those who have inside information, have the possibility of match fixing (match fixing) or big money (investment funds or big bettors) place these bets in the 15 minutes before the start of the event on these primary operators. Fifteen minutes before the start of the match on the Asians the bets have no limit. Asian spread analysis allows you to minimise rating errors and/or get further confirmation of your prediction as explained in how to read Asian spreads..


Video guides

The best videos with explanation articles, tables and examples can be found on our official YouTube channel.


Cash out calculator

The back-lay, lay-back cashout calculator to manually green up.


Dutching Calculator

The calculator allows the profit to be divided equally over several outcomes: insert the stake and the total amount.


Exchange Simulator

The step-by-step simulator shows the profit and loss of your strategies as the odds change. Backtesting and paper trading is possible.


Draw no Bet Calculator

Bet the winning team and cover the draw result easily with the calculator.


Betfair Review

The world's leading company and inventor of betting exchange in 2000. Betfair is now controlled by Flutter


Betdaq Review

The world's second largest exchange platform owned by Desmond after buying it back from Ladbrokers


Automatic systems

The advantages and problems of existing automated systems in betting exchange.


What is Cash Out

What is cash out and how does it work - freezing profits and/or losses at any time.


Canale Telegram

Telegram channel with information, updates, strategies and news on the world of betting.


Trading software

Sports trading software for scalping or automatic trading on Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook


Basic betting concepts

Dictionary and encyclopaedia with the basic concepts you need to know to get started in betting exchange.

Betting Exchange articles

Best Betting Exchange Strategies

Lay the Draw

Lay the Draw consists of betting the odds of the draw in the second half with an odds of less than 2.4 and you cash out on the 1st goal.


Lay the Draw with insurance 0-0

You lay the pre-match draw from odds of 3.8 down and cover the liability on the 0-0 result.


Draw no Bet

You bet the home or away team and cover all the liability on the draw via the calculator. There are several variants.



Scalping exploits the time decay of the odds: you watch the game live and make many small back and lay trades.



Dutching is used on exact results or 1 x 2 (double chance) to make a constant profit on all selected events.


Under 2.5 strategy

A simple strategy is to bet the under 2.5 pre-match or after 1 goal and come out at certain time intervals.


Laying the exact results

Strategy not recommended in the pre-match but profitable if done in the later part of the match at odds below par.


Favourite team at home

You are covered on all results except 0-1. You bet the exact result 0-0, 1-0 and over 1.5 via the dutching calculator.



Strategy to be executed on markets that develop over several days or months. Applies on winning championship, competition or tournament: you can cash out.

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