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Betting exchange .net was registered back in 2004 in the first years of birth of betting exchange and replaced in 2018 the historic bettingexchangeitalia.

Betting exchange is a platform for the odds’ exchange. It works like a financial exchange, with the same rules but with huge benefits such as charts known a priori and commissions only on profits: the possibility of laying a stake allows you to enter and exit the bet by doing sports trading.In our network and on this site you will find all the information to access our Telegram channel. Here are the main topics to know:

How the betting exchange works | Money Management | Video | Green up Calculator | Dutching Calculator | Ladder Simulator | Cash out Betfair | Lay the Draw by Gianluca Landi

why take betting exchange course

Why take a Betting Exchange course

Doing a course is a direct investment in yourself with the aim of growing professionally and humanly by learning a profession and drastically decreasing the learning time to be operational in the shortest possible time. You can learn this profession with study, passion and self-denial by respecting the method proposed by Gianluca Landi. Gianluca represents an authority in this field, for everything he has done in last years to develop betting exchange, giving it the importance it deserves.

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ScoreTrend is a revolutionary website with bar charts of all world football matches, livescores, odds and all the information and statistics you need to follow and analyse a match in detail. There is the Goal Trend indicator that anticipates the arrival of the goal and Team Trend. In the specific windows you will find lineups, live stats, standings and pre-match statistics. With bar Charts updated every 30 seconds you can follow your strategies minimising risk and maximising profits with a click.

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Betting Exchange Guide

The step by step guide to the Betting Exchange

In our Guide for beginners we explain step by step all the key concepts and key-words used in betting exchange to lead our user to an optimal understanding with the aim of making it become a sport in a certain period of time professional trader. We invite those who read us to follow our methodology and recommended tools because they all have been tested on a large sample of users and have a high degree of reliability. Download our free pdf guide.

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Betting Exchange Strategies

The best strategies for the betting exchanges

The best strategies are important to become a winning trader or an advanced bettor, but they are not the main key to making constant profits in betting. They must be integrated with a maniacal respect of money management rules. Betting Exchange gives the chance to close our strategy during live making a green up or, if on the wrong side, a red up. This is a very powerful tool to reduce risk. You can find the best football and tennis strategies in the specific section!

How to use the best strategies proposed
Sports trading

What is the Sports trading and how it works

Sports Trading allows you to buy or sell an odds of any sports market through an online platform. This is possible thanks to the chance to lay the odds. With sports trading you can enter or exit the market any time you want. Doing this, you can reduce risk considerably and maximize profits. Scalping is the maximum interpretation of this new form of investment or speculation. Don’t miss this opportunity and make all to became a sport trader!

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start in the Betting Exchange

How to get started in the Betting Exchange

The betting exchange is a bets platform where the user is at the center of the scene and does not have to clash and fight with a bookmaker who has opposite interests attached to him: this is already the first and main reason for choosing the betting exchange! Remember that it is not a game or a way to get rich in a short time, but an extraordinary opportunity offered to all those who really want to learn and create something to change their future for the better.

How to get started in the Betting Exchange
make money betting exchange

How to make money with the betting exchange

Earning with the betting exchange, unlike all other forms of investment and speculation in the financial field, is much simpler and more profitable and allows you to build a new job that allows you to have an extra income simply by watching your favorite sport on TV as long as it is. In the betting exchange you go to "clash" with another player / sports trader in the market and not against a bookmaker or market maker as in forex and binary options. If you have a right skills you can make money without problems.

How to make money with the betting exchange
make money betting exchange

How the Betting Exchange works | Explanation and practical example

What is Bet Exchange is definitely the first question that arises neophyte and wants to immediately understand the back and lay. The betting exchange is based on the same operating principles of an financial exchange with the difference that here the underlying are the bets and there is not the presence of the bookmaker. The liquidity depens to the clients of platform. The betting exchange system between players offers a number of advantages and no real specific disadvantage.

How the Betting Exchange works
Working in the Betting Exchange

Working in the Betting Exchange | Living from Sports Trading

Working in the Betting Exchange represents a real and unexpected turning point in one's professional life, not only because it allows anyone wishing to learn and apply themselves with dedication and intelligence to obtain their true financial independence in a reasonable time but because it allows them to do a job that you like and consequently do not feel the weight. Having fun while working is everyone's dream and now it is possibile.

Working in the Betting Exchange

Who is Gianluca Landi and what he has done

Gianluca Landi pioniere del Betting Exchange in Italia

Gianluca Landi

Gianluca Landi is one of Betting Exchange’s pioneers in Italy. He contributed to the development and growth of sports trading through its sites, books, videos, software, courses and specific conferences

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Betting Exchange The Sports Trading Revolution

Betting Exchange The Sports Trading Revolution

The book is a sort of definitive manual. In this book you can find the explanations of sports trading plus the unique methodology of Gianluca Landi. You can find also an important deepening about the psychological aspects and about money management. The book is on sale on the main digital platforms (Google play, iTunes, Kobo) and in paper format on Amazon
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ScoreTrend | Charts, statistics, livescores of all matches


ScoreTrend is a revolutionary website with bar charts of all world football matches, livescores, odds and all the information and statistics needed to follow and analyse a match in detail...

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How to read Asian spreads (handicaps) on Asianodds

How to read Asian spreads on Asianodds

What is Asianodds Asianodds is a site that collects the Asian spreads (handicaps) of several major Asian bookmakers Pinnacle, Sbobet, 188 Bet, 18bet etc and can provide further confirmation of the...

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Scalping Betting Exchange | The main technique of the sport trader

Scalping Betting Exchange

Scalping in the betting exchange is one of the most profitable trading methodologies that does not require the prior identification of a winning team or player but is carried out...

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