How to get started in the Betting Exchange

Why betting exchange and not traditional betting

The betting exchange is a bets exchange platform where the user is at the center of the scene and does not have to clash and fight with a bookmaker who has interests attached to him: this is already the first and main reason for choosing the betting exchange!
The bets do not allow a direct and transparent interaction with those who sell you the bets as there is in the exchange and the odds are higher with a consequent increase in profit in the long term. Remember that it is not a game or a way to get rich in a short time, but an extraordinary opportunity offered to all those who really want to learn and create something to change their future for the better.

To understand the functioning mechanism of the exchange we have prepared this simple guide with the main steps to follow to get started in the betting exchange



To get started correctly, it is advisable to first read material and articles written by competent and above all professional people in order to truly understand what needs to be done to get started in the betting exchange. The internet sites and facebook pages or groups that deal with betting exchange are innumerable and it is understood how the user who starts does not know where to turn his head and above all he finds himself in front of very similar articles that talk about serious topics with others articles that talk about things without any without logic and that lead people to think that those things work doing considerable damage to the accounts of the unfortunate.

Laying, for example, at high odds above 4.00 and without applying a rigorous money management only leads to losing people who, driven by greed and unwilling to study, believe in what is served to them.

It is therefore necessary to go to sites where the author of the texts is a person who has shown in deeds, and not in words, to have a seriousness, professionalism and authority such that the person who starts is sure to read something that has a sense and therefore can build its necessary foundations to understand how to move. You can not think of starting by reading the usual phrases or titles placed only to attract people and then give them whatever.
We have explained why we have inserted the betting exchange brand on the network sites to make them recognizable to all and to avoid that someone can confuse us with something else since our sites have been copied and plagiarized in all possible ways.

There are no winning systems, magical agorhythms, advantages or winning systems at the start because the betting exchange is an efficient ecosystem where the odds are calculated so as not to give an advantage to anyone at a given moment. Facebook allows anyone to write or propose the worst things and it is therefore difficult for people to understand what is right or not, but only by deepening or studying the situation will it become clearer.

The sites of our network where Gianluca Landi writes can be seen with the appropriate brand so as not to create confusion and read professional things.
The articles explain the basics and various betting exchange strategies that must only be used with an adequate and strict money management plan.


Betting Exchange Guide Book

To have a 360 ° view of the betting exchange and start following a sequential logical thread, Eng. Gianluca Landi created the book "betting exchange the sports trading revolution" where he wrote a real book with the aim of bringing people closer to this new world and making the community grow and consequently increase the vital parameter: liquidity of the bets in the book.

In the book on sports trading, the reader is guided step by step to understand the new logic that governs the system and is given the basic tools to immediately put into practice what they have learned. It is evident that everything cannot be written there due to the fact that outbound trading is a modality that must be explained during the live of a match and therefore see how the book and the odds vary according to the progress of the match itself.

However, the book is a gift from Eng Landi who has allowed many readers to change their way of approaching trading and sports betting in general.
From the book you can then start in the best way and then decide on the next steps.


 To open an account

Opening a betting exchange account is the next step because in this way you can understand the dynamics of operation by seeing how the odds varies in real time in front of a football or tennis match. To open an account you need to follow the steps described in our article: you will only need an identity document and an electronic payment system to send your money. The account is necessary because in this way you can also have access to sports trading software that allow you to operate with virtual money. In this first phase it is necessary to use very low stakes because you are grappling with the training internship on the field which will inevitably lead to losses that must be taken into account as a capital investment to learn at your own expense how to insert a bet or how it works lay bet and the liability.


Virtual money

Through trading software as a traderline it is possible with your own Betfair account to use the platform in virtual money mode and therefore learn with non-real money. The initial advantage is enormous as you can become familiar with the software and start making strategies by learning not on your skin what it means to lay at high odds. In this way the practice is free and the person feels free to learn by not using their money. However, it must be specified that when you start testing your own trading system you must use virtual money as if they were real money, otherwise you operate lightly by doing operations that you would not actually do. The simulation helps if done correctly by considering the money as your own. After a medium-long period of testing, you can decide if you are ready to take the next step and use real money.



The final step for those who want to go further and significantly shorten the time to be operational and above all do it in the most correct and professional way is certainly to take a sports trading course. There are "different proposals" online all accompanied only by winning screens which, as mentioned several times, have no value because in the betting exchange you gain and lose, and indeed the real secret to making constant profits is knowing how to manage losses and not the earnings.

Betting Exchange Italia has been organizing sports trading courses since 2014 and has trained many people who have acquired a method and knowledge that allowed them to make a second job or in many cases the first source of income.

Eng. Gianluca Landi who is the trainer boasts an important curriculum in the financial sector and in the betting exchange has the experience and skills necessary to teach everything there is to know seriously and professionally in this sector and bring the students step by step to become independent.

The macro areas on which the training course is divided are:

  • curriculum and results of the trainer
  • operation of the betting exchange
  • importance of money management
  • live match management
  • reading the ladder
  • Betpractice mini course
  • scalping
  • betting exchange strategies
  • real time trading

After the course the student will be able to apply what he learned in a first phase with virtual money or with very limited stakes, and then move on to use the stake commensurate with his gaming account.

In the days following the course, direct interaction with the teacher, to dispel any doubts, and the Telegram chat dedicated to students is an added value that allows the student to fully understand what he has learned.

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