how to make money with betting exchange

Earning with the betting exchange, unlike all other forms of investment and speculation in the financial field, is much simpler and more profitable and allows you to build a new job that allows you to have an extra income simply by watching your favorite sport on TV as long as it is.

In the betting exchange you go to "clash" with another player / sports trader in the market and not against a bookmaker or market maker as in forex and binary options.  If you have a right skills you can make money without problems. Being successful depends only and exclusively on ourselves and no one else!

Making Profits on the Betting Exchange

A question may arise spontaneously: because if making profits with the betting exchange is simple, only a few people earn and the others lose money?

The betting exchange was created in the image and likeness of financial exchanges and therefore has the same features and peculiarities (the underlying in this case is the odd of a sporting event) but differs in a series of new concepts and features that must be well understood before starting to operate including:

  • lay a odd
  • responsibility of the lay
  • green up or cash out Betfair
  • red up
  • delay send order
  • live odds movement

Starting to operate without having understood the mechanism and how the betting exchange works will inevitably lead to losing money in the market to the detriment of those who are the absolute masters of the matter.
The betting exchange is a zero-sum game which means that the money you win on the market is the money that someone else loses and therefore you need to be good and professional.


 To constantly earn in the betting exchange it is necessary to forget the classic concept of gambling by doing just that of trading because only by trading in the betting exchange you can make profits continuously.


Those who approach the market from the perspective of the classic bettor will face certain losses in the long term as the bettor by definition repudiates the rules and a method but plays without logical criteria following the impulses and their propensity for pathological gambling. We remind you that pathological gambling is a disease and it is better to stop gambling and seek treatment as soon as possible. For us, however, bets are just the underlying to be used for trading. Bets are just the object on which we operate to have constant profits over time.


How to earn and live on betting exchanges

To be able to earn and therefore make profits on the betfair exchange it is essential and fundamental to follow a method and rules of money management.
You can live off betting exchange and thus become a sports trader by approaching this market in a serious and professional way and investing in yourself.


Betting exchange strategies are necessary to operate, but they are less important than money management rules, as only by using a correct percentage of money for each bet will it be possible to preserve and grow the capital over time.


Learning the betting exchange rules and operating methods inevitably requires, like all professions, a period of study and application of what has been learned directly on the market in front of the trading books.
This time can be significantly reduced by means of a betting exchange course that provides a method, rules and above all shows the teacher's real-time operation, which is essential for understanding the real dynamics of the market.

To increase profits in the betting exchange, in addition to the specific preparation of the aspiring sport trader, it is also necessary to operate on a market that has the necessary liquidity to be able to put into practice the strategies and techniques of scalping in live mode. Without liquidity it is not possible to enter a bet, but above all to exit with a low degree of risk.


Making money with betfair

The only exchange at the moment that allows you to make an optimal pre-match operation but above all live is
Making profits on the Betfair exchange is possible compared to bookmakers as we have already highlighted as we do not go to fight against a hostile counterpart but against other bettors or traders: if we have learned to operate in a serious way, earning will not be difficult. Remember it is not a game but a serious job with rules to be respected.


How much money do they earn on the betting exchange

Here is the classic question of the neophyte or of those who think they are getting rich because they read or listen to videos of professed gurus in the sector: how much money do you earn on the betting exchange? The answer for those who deal with this sector and profession in a serious and professional way cannot be the one that everyone would like to hear: a lot of money!

The answer, on the other hand, is obviously different and how much you earn in the betting exchange depends on:

  • study and training in sports trading
  • available money to invest
  • time to devote first to training and then to daily operations
  • discipline and constant method


After the right time dedicated to training and an adequate internship, you can start making profits always respecting a correct method and management of money. To earn there are no shortcuts or magic formulas, just a lot of discipline and constant study! Beware of those who promise everything immediately because this concept is not part of this era!


Information on where to open an account

Those who want to learn the logic of the market and familiarize themselves with the odds books must open a betting exchange account with authorized operators.


Where to open an account to make profits on the betting exchange

Here you will find the operators where to open an account for the betting exchange



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