How dutching works

Dutching is based on a mathematical formula that divides the desired profit over as many outcomes as possible, increasing the chances of winning and decreasing the risk of having a loss. Consequently, by increasing the number of events on which to apply dutching, there will be an increasingly lower relative odds as the events in our favor increase and the probability that the event can occur. The term Dutching takes its name from its user and inventor, an American gangster named Arthur Flegenheimer also known as Dutch Schultz.

Dutching is one of the betting exchange strategies most used by arbitrators, traders and simple bettors as it allows you to expand the spectrum of winning possibilities for each type of sporting event chosen.

It is also used to do the double chance 1x, x2 or 12.

This option can be used with all world bookmakers and above all with the Betting Exchange: it is advisable to understand this methodology well by doing paper trading and simulations to find the right balance.


Dutching in the betting exchange

Dutching must be used in the Betting Exchange above all because in the market the odds are higher and there is a greater probability of profit in the long run.
The application of dutching in the betting exchange has the enormous advantage of allowing the trader to exit at any time from the various markets bet through the cash out in case the  strategy no longer seems correct during the live.

Dutching finds a better and profitable application in all those markets where there are different possibilities of choice such as the half time correct score or the correct score.

To apply Dutching, you have to study the statistics of the various teams and find which are the most probable results statistically; once identified we must cover the most probable results, neglecting the least probable results.


Statistics for use with Dutching

To study football statistics, the reference site is http://www.soccerstats.com. Here you can see for all leagues, both European and world, the statistics on goals scored, the minutes in which goals are scored, home wins, draws, etc.

You can find other football statistics sites in the dedicated section of the site and find the one that best suits your viewing mode or strategy used.

Dutching does not allow you to obtain a mathematical profit, but it allows you to divide the profits over several events, minimizing the risk.


Example of dutching strategy application

In the image at the beginning of the article you can see an example of the one previously exposed: European Super Cup Final between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid.
As you can see from the screenshot we have covered 8 possible outcomes for this match. If the exact result is one of those selected, we are going to have a profit of about 4.40 euros, having invested 10 euros, therefore a yield of 44%! If you get an unexpected result like 0-2, 0-3 etc you lose 10 euros.

To use the dutching calculator and try the different strategies, you can click on the italian betting exchange dutching calculator made entirely in Italian with all the necessary features and characteristics.

In the dutching calculator all the odds must be entered by hand and he thinks of giving the stake value for each odd to be used. On the platforms, this function is automatic and you can "have fun" trying all the possibilities by simply clicking on the results we want to include. For many it will be the evolution of the simple single or multiple bet which, as we know, leads to only losses in the long run.


Dutching options

Dutching has several possible uses, including:

  • fixed profit: by choosing this option you have to set the fixed profit you want to get from dutching (as long as you get the results right) and the calculator will divide the "right" stakes among the possibilities we have chosen.
  • fixed stake: the trader must set the total stake he wants to use on the calculator and the system will divide the total amount he wants to bet on the various possibilities in order to obtain a certain profit. The profit will be the same for all selections but will vary depending on the selections chosen.


How to use the dutching calculator

The use of the dutching calculator is very simple and immediate. First of all, you must enter the total stake you want to use and indicate the markets and odds on which to execute the dutching. It is then optional to choose the commissions if you want to operate on an exchange otherwise if you use a bookmaker you do not need to write anything. You can deepen the precise explanation of the use on how to use the dutching calculator.


Why the results on the dutching calculator are negative

If the user enters all the selections of a particular market at the relative odds on the bookmaker or on the exchange, he will find negative results. This is obvious otherwise you would have positive green results and in fact a sure bet: in this case you would be making sure bets behind the bookmaker. Consequently, it is normal to have negative numbers. To have positive profit values ​​instead you have to increase the value of some odds until the calculator will give you a profit. You will not have an immediate positive result but you will have to wait for someone to come and execute you at that odds. You are actually doing the bookmaker's job.


Progressive Dutching

I explained in a dedicated article the progressive dutching on the exact results which is a methodology of dynamic use during the live of a match. If this technique is done with a stake defined at the start and done during the live it may make sense to do it, but if you increase the stake to be used from time to time depending on the result that changes then it is really risky to use and I suggest not do it. I see people using progressive dutching by dynamically increasing exposure and if there are many goals you risk losing a high percentage of your bankroll. Be careful and if you want to make it use as a maximum a stake commensurate with the size of your bankroll.


Video dutching

In the video on how to use Dutching with a sports trading software I show practically how to place bets automatically. We must first select the markets and verify that there is sufficient liquidity to place our entire stake. The software helps us with a green bar if there is 100% stake or red if it is limited.

Dutching FAQ

We realize that Dutching is a way of betting that especially fascinates those who start as covering more results makes it seem easier to close the strategy in profit. Let's now answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is Dutching?

Dutching allows you to split the profit over multiple results and consequently increase the probabilities of winning. Dutching is used by bookmakers to make double chances. If you chose all the results you would have a negative result on the calculator, otherwise an arbitrage would be created.

Where do i find the free dutching calculator?

The free calculator can be found in the calculators section of our site. We have a full and free version accessible by clicking on dutching calculator

What is Dutching Exact Results?

Progressive Dutching exact results means dutching by choosing some standardized results and in the event of a goal go to cover the results of a goal above.

What is hedged dutching?

Dutching with hedging consists of choosing some exact results in dutching and then hedging the others for example under 2.5. Remember that the covers in betting are like the cover, if you pull it on one side you remain uncovered on the other. Be very careful with the covers.

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