Scalping Betting Exchange

Scalping in the betting exchange is one of the most profitable trading methodologies that does not require the prior identification of a winning team or player but is carried out by exclusively watching the match live on satellite TV or through streamming offered by bookmakers or from betting exchange platforms:

  • Sky
  • Streaming bookmaker

The streaming offered by the main bookmakers usually have a lower delay in video transmissions than those of satellite or analogue televisions.

It is clear that the match on which we have to scalp must be chosen through a very in-depth analysis of the statistics on both teams and on the importance of the match, but after the choice we must rely on what you see during the course of the match.

Definition of scalping

The word scalping derives from the english to scalp and means going to make many small profits on the market for each trade which in the end, added together, guarantee an excellent profit compared to the initial capital employed. Scalping on bets is part of betting exchange techniques or strategies and is an exasperation because it consists in carrying out many trading operations one after the other, minimizing the risk. Scalping is not for everyone but you must have the right attitude such as speed of execution and concentration.


Sports scalping

Sports scalping can be carried out exclusively in the betting exchange and not with traditional bookmakers because the latter do not allow you to lay the odds and therefore exit the operation made previously.

Many bettors are convinced that simply by using the live bookmakers they can do scalping, but instead they do not realize that they only have the possibility to bet a quote and therefore cannot close the previous operation but only increase it.


Scalping on Betfair

Scalping on Betfair is without a doubt much easier than traditional financial markets for several reasons which can be summarized as follows:

  • absence of fixed trading commissions for bet: in fact, a fixed percentage is paid only on the profits made, allowing the scalper to enter and exit the position even at par (same odd) having nothing to pay to the intermediary for this reason.
  • charts known a priori: the graphs of the current results in the betting exchange are in fact known without having to resort to particular theories or indicators. In fact, the charts of the exact results just drop, allowing the betting exchange scalper to use the back and lay technique.

From these simple observations we can understand how the "life" of the scalper in the betting exchange is much easier as he will only have to worry about the only variable that will make him lose: the goal!


Which markets to scalp on

Scalping in the betting exchange can be done in all markets both pre-live and especially live. It is of fundamental importance to be able to have constant profits and minimize the risk of each single trade to find markets with high liquidity. Liquidity makes it possible to exit the market at any time if there was a potentially dangerous action. It should be noted that while there is a goal action everyone is looking if it is possible to cancel the bet entered in the ladder and consequently we would not find who to go to match. The more liquidity is present, the more likely we are to find an operation of the opposite sign to ours that allows us to exit.

Sports scalping is generally carried out on the current result, on the under 2.5 or on the draw as you can take advantage of the time decay of the odds as time spent. In fact, the odds during live are regulated by the time factor which makes them lose value by allowing you to bet and bank continuously only with the aid of the vertical Ladder and therefore without the need to use the odds chart.

Said in these terms, scalping in the betting exchange could seem very simple to do for everyone! Well we can say that it is just like that provided that all those who want to try their hand in this new market face it in an extremely serious and professional way, first by studying, and then putting into practice what they have learned with a due and dutiful trading period on the real market. .


Video scalping

To better understand this methodology, let's now see a sports scalping video made by ing. Gianluca Landi, author of the book Betting Exchange the Sports Trading Revolution, where you can see with your own eyes the opening and closing of a scalping operation. It is clear that before you can successfully scalp and earn steadily in the market it is necessary to understand how the betting exchange works and acquire a mastery of the market.


To significantly reduce the time needed to become a professional scalper and limit the money "given away" to the market, you can evaluate an adequate training course and follow a betting exchange course provided by our betting exchange of which Eng. Landi.
In scalping on the betting exchange in order to be in profit it is even more necessary to follow the rules of money management as they allow you to keep the capital available and not lose it all in a few negative operations.


Scaping for everyone?

Not everyone can do scalping on Betfair and become a professional scalper in the betting exchange as, in addition to knowledge of the market, some specific character skills and aptitudes are required that not everyone has, but which are necessary in order to be able to succeed such as:

  • speed to send and canceling bets
  • excellent skills of computer use
  • ability to resist the emotional stress induced by the sports trading
  • ability to always follow the imposed rules
  • coordination speed mouse and "head"

With time and real-time application of the technique you can undoubtedly improve and become better and faster. Everyone can succeed, the important thing is to want it. It is clear that in scalping there are many things to know and to learn that few know and it is for this reason that few succeed and the other "losers" speak ill of it.

It reads around: I do scalping possibly by watching live games ... Possibly? if you don't watch live games and with maximum concentration you are not scalping but you are betting!

The mission to increase financial / betting / statistical culture in Europe! For almost all people ignorance is a virtue to be defended at all costs.


Delay in scalping

Those unfamiliar with this methodology and above all the betting exchange are convinced that the delay in placing an order in the exchange, combined with the delay in receiving television images, leads to random operations and nothing can be done if a goal is scored, and it's just a matter of luck or bad luck. Nothing more wrong!

The scalper has many tools to defend against these eventualities and especially if it follows a methodology with proven statistical validity at the end of the reference period the profits will exceed the losses. In fact, we are only interested in one thing: making profits! In fact, if you do scalping, the yield percentages in a short time are very high and by choosing the right game within a medium-long period we would be in profit if you do things with extreme professionalism.

In scalping it is essential to have the images of the chosen event available with the shortest possible delay and all those events that are not visible or that have an excessive delay must be abandoned. If the delay is greater than a certain period of time, scalping is no longer done, but a bet and here it has always been argued that "we trade, we don't bet"!

With the advent of the VAR or Video Assistant Referee it is necessary to be more careful and focused as exchanges such as Betfair can suspend the market and void bets as explained in our article on Var.


Scalping workstation

The information to set up a professional sports scalping workstation can be found on our previous article called trading workstation and for obvious reasons some information is only available to our students as we are tired of seeing our unique material posted on junk websites. This article has in fact been copied and changed but anyone can understand it.

To carry out the scalping strategy on the betting exchange it is necessary that there is sufficient liquidity on the books to be able to enter and above all continuously exit the market. Without liquidity it is not possible to scale with low risk and in the long run it will face a series of substantial losses.


Scalping Strategies

The scalping techniques in the betting exchange are certainly the most profitable and allow you to earn while having fun.
To do scalping in the betting exchange you need a software trading with ladder to permit to send and cancel the bet with a single click of mouse. It is unthinkable to do scalping with the website of the chosen operator as it is not possible to have the speed allowed by click by click trading.

The football and tennis scalping strategies we have already covered are:

  • scalping on under 2.5
  • scalping in tennis on the next 15

The most profitable strategy, on the other hand, is to do scalping on the current result that must be repeated with a method and with the best knowledge of the market.

Before moving on to scalping on the betting exchange an intensive way, it is advisable to become familiar with the use of the software and especially the Ladder.

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