The draw no bet is a type of bet that has also become popular in the World. This type proves to be interesting as it is a cross between a winning bet and a double chance: the odds are interesting as the winnings are shifted to a result and the draw is hedged.

Draw no Bet - Betting team win and draw hedge

What Draw no bet means

The meaning of Draw no Bet is to bet a winning team and hedge the amount wagered on the draw result. If the team bet with the draw no bet does not win, the bet made on the draw is refunded. This type of synthetic bet can be found on traditional bookmakers and on the exchange. On traditional bookmakers, it was added by an ad-hoc betting law on 28 October 2022. If your bookmaker of choice does not offer it, you can remedy this with a specific calculator that you can find on our website.


How Draw no Bet works

Draw no bet is a type of bet that consists of betting on the home or away team and at the same time betting a specific stake on the draw result as cover. In this way, if the match ends in a draw (e.g. 0-0; 1-1; 2-2; 3-3) there is a return of the stake: you don't lose and you don't win anything. The profit all goes to the victory of one of the two teams. The loss only occurs if the match ends with the other team winning.

With this bet you have a lower risk as you buy 66% of the odds and shift your profit to one sign, going into void on the draw. Variations can be created by doing the opposite, for example: betting on the home winner and hedging on the away winner, losing on a draw. Obviously this mode can be used on teams that draw very little.

You will find this type of bet with the symbol DNB, which stands for Draw no Bet.


Example of draw no bet

Let's look at a simple example of a match to understand how the draw no bet works

Match Juventus - AC Milan :

  • Juve draw no bet > if Juventus win you collect the relative stake while with a draw you have a full refund of your stake. If Milan win you lose the whole amount wagered.

  • Milan draw no bet > In the event of a Milan win you cash in your bet, while with a draw you have a full refund of your stake. If Juventus win you have a total loss on your bet.


 Difference with double Chance

The draw no bet has a clearly higher odds than the respective double chance as you put more stake on one team winning and cover the draw. You get a refund in case the X sign occurs. This type should be done on teams where you believe they can take the lead first and where a draw is statistically unlikely. You can consider closing the deal before the end of the match itself if the chosen team takes the lead. This option must be made via the proprietary draw no bet live calculator. If you place the bet via the bookmaker you must take the bet to the end of the event. It is recommended to use it with betting exchange for additional cover during the live event.

The double chance allows you to profit even in the event of a draw, but the odds are significantly lower. Making a double chance e.g. 1x, is equivalent to betting the away team.
In the double chance on you can green up and go out at any time while you cannot do so on the no bet draw. To close the deal even live you must use the calculator which allows you to green up a market and red up a draw.


Draw no bet calculator

In order to be able to make this type of bet, a calculator has been created which you can use by clicking on draw no bet calculator and entering the odds Odds 1 (home or away team) and Odds 2 (draw) to get the necessary stakes to bet.
Using the calculator is very simple as it provides the implied odds of the draw no bet to be assessed on a case-by-case basis and allows you to enter the total stake you want to bet as the calculator breaks down both signs in the correct way.

To give an added advantage to our users and those using the exchange, the calculator has been made available in in-play mode so that if during the match the team subject to the bet goes ahead, it will come out. You can also decide to balance your stakes in order to have a higher profit in case this happens.


Risk/benefit ratio

One must assess before starting the trade whether it is more advantageous in terms of risk/return ratio to go for the home team's win, double chance or draw no bet. This must be done taking into account the implied odds given by the calculator and the actual/bookmaker odds of the team you want to bet. Taking into account a number of factors including the latest results of the two teams and another particular methodology you choose what to bet on.
Consider before applying it how many draws the chosen teams make, especially in recent matches. The no bet draw gives the best result on teams with fairly similar odds to win and cannot be used where there is a clear favourite as the odds are too low.


Draw no bet with 0-0 hedge

A very interesting operational variant is to cover the result of 0-0. The odds of the 0-0 exact result market are higher than the draw (2 to 3 times higher) and consequently the cover costs much less. This mode should be used if you think that the team to bet on is stronger and can take the lead first. In this case we are only covered on the result of 0-0 and no longer on a draw. The choice of match here is crucial, but as we said, hedging costs much less and allows you to earn more. In the case of a 0-0 draw you go into void while in the case of a multi-goal draw if you don't take action first you have a loss.


Video explanation draw no bet

In the video below, the use of the draw no bet calculator on the site is explained with a real-life example. We recommend trying it out by doing paper trading before using it with real money.


FAQ - Draw no Bet

We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the draw no bet mode and strategy that is possible with both betting exchange and traditional bookmakers.


What does DNB mean in betting?

DNB in betting means Draw no Bet and is a type offered by many bookmakers, especially those in Asia. On bookmakers you will find the DNB 1 bet, i.e. betting on the home team to win with a draw. The same applies in reverse for DNB 2.


What does No Bet mean?

 No Bet should not be confused with DNB and means not betting. On very particular days where one does not know what to do it is more convenient not to bet, to do nothing and therefore to do as they say in the jargon No Bet.


Where to play the No-Bet Draw?

The draw no bet can be made on betting exchange platforms such as or on Asian bookmakers.


Where can I find the free Draw No Bet calculator?

On our site you will find the free Draw no Bet calculator with which you can also make this type of bet on the Betfair Italia exchange with the possibility to cash out if a goal is scored instead of waiting until the end of the match with a clear advantage.


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