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Football statistics are indispensable to be able to put Betting Exchange strategies, football scalping, or simple sports betting into practice. Mathematical arbitrage on odds is virtually absent and one must therefore carefully analyse historical results in order to find valuable opportunities with a high probability of exit. In this article, we review all the best statistical sites for football betting, describing their features and functionality.

History repeats itself is the guiding principle of the best football statistics sites. One must start with the past in order to be able to analyse the 'future'. The study of time series is the starting point for a precise and in-depth analysis of a match.


Importance of football statistics sites

After a careful study of football statistics, also with the help of special software, one must decide what kind of strategy one intends to put into practice and at the same time the markets where one wants to apply it.

It is unthinkable in any way for a sports trader or anyone who wants to make consistent profits not to use a professional statistics site in order to extrapolate the most interesting data to prepare a profitable strategy. Without statistics it is like moving around in a dark room without any help or support!
In the long run, statistics are a winning weapon because those who use them professionally are working within the so-called Gauss curve or normal error distribution. The only sore point is the events that fall outside the curve itself. If one uses money management in a military manner, unforeseen events do not give one any major problems and allow one's account to grow steadily.

Bookmakers to construct the odds of a sporting event start with the statistics of the two teams and then add other fundamental elements which are:

  • unavailable players
  • size of the football pitch
  • distance of the visiting team from the stadium
  • means of getting to the pitch
  • state of form
  • bookmaker's agio
  • bookmaker's experience

The statistical study of a given phenomenon goes against the negative variance that usually occurs in football on days that are very close together. There are 'league days' when, for example, under matches occur and then on the following days over matches, putting the bettor to the test as he thinks that sooner or later the chain must break.

"Money management is the inseparable friend of statistics and together they are an invincible pair".

In this regard, one can use some specialised sites that provide in some cases free of charge the database on our favourite sport in this case football, but there are also specific ones on tennis, horse racing, etc. Many sites have become fee-paying, offering services with very high added value that evidently serve to generate profits for the end user. For the choice of site, one must find the one that is most in line with one's strategies, studies and wastes the least possible time on qualitative match analysis.


The Best Football Statistics Sites

The best free football statistics site is definitely Soccerstats, which offers comprehensive statistics on all major world football leagues (Italy, England, Spain, etc), European Cups and national football teams. The site offers statistics of the current league and the last few years and allows you to make comparisons and see how recent results may differ from past statistics.
It is advisable for everyone before executing a strategy or starting trading to consult it thoroughly to get a better idea of what to do.

All major statistics, charting and livescore sites around the world are analysed and reviewed to give our users a complete and timely view.

Each statistics site has different features and characteristics. Each user has to find the site with the tools, the statistics that best suit his way of betting and his ability to read a graph and numbers. Every person is different and consequently one must find the one that suits them best.

Below is a summary table with the features and functionality of the best football statistics sites:

 Livescores and ChartsTools and featuresPre-match statisticsOdds
  ScoreTrend  bar graphs updated every 30 seconds of all world championships and football livescore Proprietary indicators Goal Trend (GT), Team Trend (TT), Dynamic Line Stats, Personalized strategies via telegram, Lineups, Rankings, etc Pre-match statistics on football matches, H2H  Quote complete HT, Full time di bet365
Soccerstats section live very lacking and unusable.  non dispone di grafici live sulle partite all the statistics on calcium. The best place at this moment for the pre-match statistics. Pubblicità adesso invadente  non sono presenti quote dei bookmaker
Sofascore live bar graphs updated every minute on football and tennis. Livescore on all major sports live bar graphs updated every minute on football and tennis. Comprehensive graphs and statistics on all players Pre-match statistics of the match or match taking place. Statistics for championship are missing quote di diversi bookmaker su tutti gli sport disponibili
Betpractice  paid live section with statistics and results. There are no graphs  Real odds, next goal predictor, game analysis, system hunter and real odds with filters. pre-match statistics of each match with main data real proprietary share and odds from various football bookmakers..
Sfstats  livescore with results and odds   statistiche semplici per campionato in forma tabellare shares of the main markets
Betexplorer  Livescore su calcio, basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, handball  dropping odds, streaks, odds movements  statistiche per campionato di diversi mercati come DNB, BTS, etc  odds of many Italian and foreign bookmakers. Betfair odds
BTFStats  Risultati sul calcio, Tennis, Basket, US Football, Baseball  dropping odds, streaks, football stats, predictions, news and Tipsters  statistics by championship, team statistics with graphic display  bookmaker odds with filters, graphs, etc
Arbword   betfair moneyway with matched betting volumes in percentage on 1 x 2, under/over, etc there are no pre-match statistics  quote con drop
Footystats  live section very spartan and not very usable  molte statistiche, grafici e tabelle huge variety of pre-match football statistics with graphs and tables nit has no quotas
Flashscore Very fast livescore with live commentary and VAR indication  updated odds from various bookmakers   pre-match match and head-to-head statistics  Live and pre-match odds for all sports available with + bookmaker Very fast livescore with live commentary and VAR indication  news section, updated odds from various historical bookmakers  pre-match match and head-to-head statistics Live and pre-match odds for all sports available with + bookmaker
Whoscorred  live football scores  statistiche sui giocatori: contrasti a partita, aggressività, assist, etc  statistics on leagues and teams: statistics on attack, defense, shots, discipline there are no bookmaker odds on the main markets
Fbref  There is no live section  Player statistics, player pages, expected goals, pass types, etc Unconventional championship and team statistics: performance, xG, playing time, etc  there are no match odds    Statistics on the main markets, tables with percentages, streaks League stats, head to head stats   Statistics on championships, teams, betting systems, predictions, rankings, streaks League statistics, head to head, betting market statistics  


ScoreTrend was launched in June 2021 in beta version and is already the best site for live football match charts, statistics and odds on both pre-match and live football. Scoretrend is owned by Gianluca Landi who devised the algorithm of bar charts of all the world's matches updated every 30 seconds. The bars that form every 30 seconds give a very precise and real-time indication of how the teams are playing in order to decide on the best betting strategy to undertake. Score Trend will soon also have its own app for Android and Ios smartphones.

The strong point of the system are the real-time bar charts but scoretrend has all the live and pre-match statistics that the sports trader or bettor needs to enable him to bet in the best possible way.

scoretrend charts

Key features of scoretrend:

  • bar charts updated every 30 seconds with recovery minutes
  • live statistics and on charts (shots on target, shots off target, attacks, dangerous attacks, substitutions, corner kicks, goalkeeper saves, penalties, yellow cards, etc)
  • Lineups and substitutions on the chart
  • stabdings
  • latest match and head-to-head statistics
  • indicator that signals the team that is attacking the most
  • Goal Trend and Team Trend
  • dropping odds with panel under the match
  • HT and Final recoveries
  • Live scanner
  • Personalized strategies or alert goals
  • Asianodds
  • Automatic trading with Betfair via api (coming soon)

ScoreTrend allows you to create your own automatic signals via a console and generate them upon reaching certain odds values and live and pre-match statistics. The user can create complex filters that satisfy certain conditions and receive them via Telegram. These signals will then be transformed via one of our applications into orders sent directly to Betfair or Pinnacle. In this way the user will be able to create his own automatic strategies and execute them without his direct intervention. A section of the site will allow you to backtest the strategy by cross-referencing all the data minute by minute!


Dynamic Line Stats

dynamic line stats

The most "powerful" statistical tool for studying a football match is certainly the Dynamic Line Stats which is found in all the matches available on ScoreTrend. Clicking on the relevant button opens a panel where the matches of the current season are inserted. Above the chart there are the matches of the team playing at home, below the matches of the team playing away.
It is therefore possible to see the games played, the ranking position of both teams and the following statistics with the relevant events positioned in the minute in which they took place and in particular:

  • goals scored and conceded
  • yellow and red cards
  • corner kiks
  • shots on target
  • shoot out of target

By moving the cursor a line appears or you can choose a range of minutes which provides the average goal (or other available events) in real time before or after a given minute. In this way the analysis of the match is immediate and detailed. Percentage numbers are very important, but seeing when for example the goals were scored and with whom is more important than the numbers. It is essential to see which teams the statistics were compiled against. The Dynamic Line Stats allows a quick but at the same time accurate study. We recommend using this critically important tool with any type of analysis.

It is advisable to carry out a qualitative pre-match analysis after approximately 8-10 matches from the start of the championship with this tool to identify the best entry intervals: the study with the dynamic allows you to identify the time ranges where the first goals and consequently set the exits to steps or make the cash out.

I consider Dynamic Line Stats the essential tool during the live show to find the best entry points, reducing risk and maximizing profit.








Soccerstats offers countless statistics on all types of bets (or markets for Betfair) that provide unparalleled help in setting up a proper betting exchange strategy based on football statistics. For example we have statistics on the exact result, goal minutes, total goals, under 1.5, under 2.5, etc. (the under statistics can be seen in the image above).

Please note that soccerstats continuously implements the functions and statistical data available and changes the layout of the site very often. The positions of the information are varied because it is one of the most scrapped sites. Programmers try to 'steal match statistics' present causing inevitable slowdowns or service interruptions. For this reason, they tend to defend themselves by varying the position of the statistics from time to time in order to make this activity much more difficult. Almost all world markets are present in soccertstats with the main and secondary leagues.

I recommend studying soccerstats in great depth in order to understand all the free betting statistics it offers and consequently learn how to use them.
As of 2022 the site has definitely deteriorated by introducing very invasive advertising with dozens of banners and pop ups on every page. Now if you don't have a premium subscription it is exhausting to see advertisements everywhere and it slows down the study and screening of matches a lot.

An interesting feature of Soccerstats is the goal average per league and the matches remaining at the end of the competition itself. By clicking on the flag of the chosen league below in the horizontal bar there is a statistic about the average goal scored and the matches remaining. This is useful for two reasons:

  • Those who make systems should start trading after the first 10 league games and stop when there are about 5 games left.
  • It is essential to always operate in trend. If you want to make under markets you have to go to those leagues with a low goal average and vice versa for the over. You must always follow the underlying trend to decrease the risk.
  •  Soccerstats


Another site for detailed football statistics for a fee is Betpractice . Beptractice is the most powerful tool on the market that allows detailed historical analysis and provides the real odds value of a football match by analysing only past historical results. History always repeats itself and studying it can give you a very clear advantage.

Betpractice is not one of the many football statistics sites but is software embedded within a website that allows you to query a server in real time with tens of thousands of historical results that are compared according to filters set by the user. Anyone who wants to do in-depth statistics and check the true odds of a football match must use this software. The cost of its subscription will immediately pay for itself with the first profits accrued from the bets placed.

In Betpractice you have the option of using Next goal, which allows you to study statistics on the minutes and results of entire leagues or today's match on which we want to trade. In this way we see the probability of a goal being scored within a certain time range, allowing us to enter only under certain conditions and at advantageous and valuable odds.

We recommend everyone to read the material produced by Gianluca Landi and the videos on his youtube channel

In the youtube channel there are explanatory videos of all the Betpractice tools that you can watch to understand their potential.

The heart of the system is the coupon where you enter the matches with the real odds and the odds of the chosen bookmaker and you can see the difference in percentage terms. The difference can lead to deciding to make a certain strategy


 betpractice coupon


One of the other sites for football statistics on all leagues, basketball, etc. is Sfstats, which has more or less the same statistics as Soccerstats but uses graphs a lot, so the statistics appear more immediate and clear. The graphical representation dominates with an immediate view of the statistical trend of a particular market.

Studying the statistics on total goals, for example, it is immediately apparent that it is unfeasible, not to say senseless, to bet on the under 1.5 or 2.5 with, for example, Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayer Munich, because statistically they always score a lot of goals. One must exploit statistics in one's favour and never go against the odds. It is clear that in sport anything can happen, but you must always put yourself in a position to have the odds on your side.
It is advisable to use this site to see the immediate statistics of leagues and teams in order to decide which type of market to go for. The visualisation in coloured bricks is really immediate and sets it apart from other sites.


Betexplorer another very complete site of statistics on football and other sports and offers us in addition to very interesting filters on the odds also the streaks of consecutive results of the teams of which I have already made an interesting video that you can see by clicking on the previous link and reading the related article. It is certainly helpful to see the consecutive draw, win or no-win games of a team as it gives us the underlying trend which gives us considerable help in determining the strategy to apply. The trend is our friend and consequently one must ride the market trend and not go against it!

Betexplorer is rich in information and does not only cover football. You can also find odds and statistics for Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball etc.

Very interesting is the odds filter so that you can choose the optimal odds range for a certain market. In this way, you find interesting odds and can study the chosen match from a qualitative and statistical point of view. In addition to statistics, you have to find the right entry odds.


Arbword is a site that, in addition to some very interesting statistics, provides us with the dropping odds of the odds, that is, how the pre-match odds move which, combined with the volumes, give us a more in-depth view of what is happening and makes it easier for us to study the statistics.
The share drop must always be kept under control as it can reveal information that insiders know about the teams. The drop or change in altitude depends on many factors such as information on the team, on the players (absence), on the weather conditions, on the stadium, etc. is a very interesting football statistics site in that it provides a graphic display of statistics that are immediately visible. The statistics are presented with green and red coloured tiles depending on the win or loss of the chosen statistic. The site has a tag filter which, once selected, for example home first half over 1.5, shows the statistics in graphic form. In this way you can immediately see the stripes of results.
There are also statistics in numerical and percentage form.btfstats

In addition to the statistics part, the site has other 'separate sites' for odds, results and news in particular:

  • BTFOdds
  • BTFScores
  • BTFNews

Most of the sections are free, but there are also VIP sections for a fee.




Flashscore is a site that specialises in live results and is quite fast in updating them. As soon as a goal is scored, there is a change in the tennis score, the result is updated. Very useful for bettors or sports traders is the text commentary of the match where it is specified whether the Var is in progress and whether the goal has been disallowed or conceded: you can use this feature when in the exchange we find that the market is suspended for several minutes without understanding why. Inside flashscore we find match statistics, odds comparator, league schedule, head-to-head and more.



Sofascore is a live betting application that goes beyond normal statistics as it provides match bar charts and live match statistics. Sofascore is very useful to follow and manage your live betting strategies because it allows you to follow the match without seeing it but through histogram charts that give you a trend on how the match is turning.

Unlike ScoreTrend, Sofascore has the bars updated every minute (not real) and does not deal with HT and final recoveries in a timely manner. The bars in a minute only have one direction even if in that specific minute both teams can make a dangerous attack.

  • With sofascore you can also
  • also have the statistics of the last matches played by both teams (head-to-head or H2H clashes)
  • the clashes directly below the graph
  • the league table updated in real time according to the match progress
  • other information on goals scored.

Sofascore covers many football leagues but only for the most important ones it has live charts while for the others it only has statistics for a more betting-oriented audience and bet365 odds.

In addition to the site, there is also an application that can be downloaded directly from Google play and the Apple store, so that you can follow the matches and results in the mode as well. If you log in to the site and the application, the notifications placed on your desktop will also be visible from your smartphone for 360-degree integration. is a popular site for real-time results of football matches from all leagues and other sports. Diretta has the odds history of all major betting markets so you can consult and check the odds of past results. Lately for the main matches, there is a well-done match analysis that can greatly help those who are just starting out and are not very experienced in analysing a match.

In addition to the live results, the odds of the main markets offers H2H statistics of the two contending teams and the last matches and even goes back about 20 years. We recommend using for the timeliness of updates on goals scored and all live events.


Please note that there are several statistics sites that have different and complementary tools that need to be understood and used in the best way to gain an important competitive advantage. We have decided not to disclose other tools and their personal readings made by the undersigned because they are continually copied and plagiarised by junk sites made by incompetent people who are contemptuous of the rules of fairness and the laws of the civil and criminal codes. We will provide these tools directly and solely to our users and trainees.



FootyStats is a fairly comprehensive football statistics site for both leagues and individual matches. About 60 per cent of the site is free, while many statistics, tools and tables are subscription-based. The site is accompanied by tables and graphs that make it easier to study the statistics, It is felt that there are too many statistics and numbers that confuse the reader from the main picture of the match. There are no bookmaker odds at the moment. The live section is not complete. There are very detailed statistics regarding players with assists, goals, dribbles, xG and shots.



Whoscorred as translated into Italian 'chi ha segnato' (who scored) is a statistics site focusing mainly on footballers. There are detailed statistics on the parameters that influence the scoring of a goal by a footballer:

  • goal Player / goal Team
  • shots per match
  • fights per match
  • dribbles per match
  • rating
  • aggressiveness
  • aerial duels won
  • passing accuracy

Each player has a section with tables summarising the player's statistics and numbers. It is possible in this way to get an idea of the impact that particular player has on the team and the goals scored. This site is less suitable for sports traders but is more aimed at teams, scouts and those who 'play fantasy football'.



Fbref is a portal that collects the statistics, scores and history of over 100 club or national football competitions. You have statistics per team and per player with particular reference to expected goals, assists, etc. This is a more generalist site that gives information on players, scores etc and is mainly aimed at football fans and less suitable for sports traders or those who do advanced betting systems.. is a tabular statistics site, i.e. where statistics exclusively on football are represented with summary tables. On the home page you will find the leagues present, which are the main top-level ones. Within each league there are tables of the main markets such as 1x2, under/over, goal sum, Partial/Final, Goal/No Goal, Odd/Even etc. The site also contains the major recurrences of the signs.

The site is nice but not very functional and structured.


Site for football statistics but also for betting predictions and betting systems. The site presents statistics in tabular form and with pie charts of many leagues and presents reduced betting systems such as 5 events in 4 doubles, 6 events in 4 triplets, 7 events in 5 triplets etc. Several tools are created for those who make betting systems.

Consequently, statistichesulcalcio has a whole range of side services for the classic bettor or those who make simple or more complex betting systems. You can find reduced systems that you can build according to your needs.


Types of football statistics

There are many football statistics to be found, and the more one studies and delves into a market in probabilistic terms, the higher the percentage of making a profit.
Some of the main statistics to consult include:

  • Final outcome 1,X,2: Home win, away win and draw. This is the main market where most bets come in.
  • Double Chance: 1x, x2, 12
  • Correct Result: Half-time and final statistics of all results by team and league. It is useful to study the time series of the leagues that vary from year to year but tend to remain constant in the long run. One must adjust one's strategy from year to year with this parameter in mind.
  • Under/over: under 0.5; over 0.5; under 1.5; over 1.5; under 2.5; over 2.5; under 3.5; over 3.5; under 4.5; over 4.5 : Goal markets the most used by bettors.
  • Half-time scores: First half results. In the first half under 1.5 statistically comes out 70% of the time.
  • Goal minutes: time slots of 10 or 15 minutes with the number of goals scored and conceded by a team
  • Goal no goal or both teams score yes: market in which both teams score in the match.
  • Minute bands where more goals are scored
  • percentage of points scored at home or away: statistics that give an idea of whether a team is stronger at home or away.
  • league standings
  • Form of the last matches: Ranking and results of the last 6 or 8 matches. It is the current form of the team.
  • PPG : points per game
  • goal line
  • goal averages or average goals: The home, away and total goal averages give an idea of how many goals a team scores and concedes on average. They are necessary when choosing the over market.
  • goals scored and conceded home and away
  • yellow or red cards
  • goalscorers: scorers' charts of a league
  • corner kicks: very popular market for bettors. The more a team scores and plays in attack, the more corner kicks statistically there are. Statistics under/over 8.5 corner kicks, under/over 11.5 corner kicks.


Before starting any strategy or scalping session in Betting Exchange it is essential to spend the right amount of time studying the statistics in depth, which combined with the odds offered by the bookmakers and watching the first 10 minutes of a match give you the cue to decide which strategy or trading methodology you should implement.
The study of statistics on Saturdays and Sundays when there are so many simultaneous events will help us skim the most suitable matches to trade.

Football statistics begin to have a certain reliability after at least the first 7 to 8 league matches. During the first matches one must rely on past statistics and what the teams did during the summer period. In the same way, it is advisable to be very careful with the statistics in the last 5 league matches, as in many cases you get to matches where there is nothing left to win, and therefore one of the two teams can play without any stimulation, distorting the statistics and the match. Always check towards the end the position in the standings and whether the teams still have something to play for such as salvation, Champions League position etc. If there is no stimulus in the last few days, the players will not commit as they should and consequently the study of statistics also takes on minimal value. The match statistics obviously do not take into account if a team has no stimulation and if it does not play to win.

Within these sites there are statistics with aggregated data that are little known but are extremely powerful if they are used in the best possible way. It is advisable to analyse everything in detail and try to understand its significance.


Series A statistics

Official' Serie A statistics are available on the Serie A league website. Official because there are particular statistics such as:

  • Ball possession
  • saves
  • Assist
  • Shots
  • Goals and crosses

On the league website are therefore the official reference statistics. The previous statistics are variable depending on the provider who calculates them and different values can be found on the statistics sites. Consequently, for Serie A, the reference statistics taken from TV or used to give awards to players are those of the league.

Different live statistics on different sites

As you will no doubt have noticed, live football statistics are different depending on which site you visit. You may have played a bet on a player's or team's shots on goal and lost the bet despite finding the shots you had indicated on the site. How is it possible that the statistics are different?

These types of statistics vary from site to site as they are calculated by the providers, of which there are roughly 4-5. All sites consequently take data from these providers by paying for different services. Each provider has a particular way of calculation and consequently the statistics are different. It does not mean that they are wrong, but it is the decision on how to calculate them that results in different numbers.

These are the live statistics that can vary:

  • shots on target
  • shots off target
  • total attacks
  • dangerous attacks
  • saves
  • assists

Each provider consequently has its own live statistics and there is and will be no way that these can be the same in the near future. One must understand that one cannot build betting systems based on these parameters because they are variable. Most sites take statistics from some service which in turn takes live statistics from bet365. The bookmaker in question has a subscription with all the providers and rotates them from time to time and as a result the statistics are 'mixed'. But how can one think of making an alert with dangerous attacks? This is the most variable and random statistic there is!

The main providers of live statistics are:

  • Sportradar
  • Opta sports brand of Stats perform
  • Betgenius brand of Genius Sport
  • Statscore

Then there are other smaller providers. Each provider then has different modalities. For example, some providers have the possibility of sending scouts onto the field to collect data while others have automatic systems with cameras. One provider has contracts with the football leagues and for example they have the exclusive right to send live scouts to 70% of the matches. Consequently, a part is done by the scout (he has a calculation method but it is done by the operator on the field following the match) and the remaining 30% with a digital system. You understand that even the same provider within the same league will have different statistics! I hope I have made myself clear. I will address this issue in a separate article.

Betfair uses Opta sports and consequently all bets involving live stats take these statistics as reference. In fact it says on the bet that the stats are taken from Opta. It often happens that people contact me saying I lost the bet with 2 shots on goal for kicker X when on bet365 I saw that 2 shots were taken. For Opta on the other hand the shot is only one and Betfair gives the lost bet..

In ScoreTrend the graphs are harmonised with a special algorithm to mitigate the effect of this variability. The graphs of the various matches are about 90% homogeneous! The other sites present live statistics 'dirty' by the variability of the data, a problem they do not even know exists! In the near future we will put 100% homogeneity in ScoreTrend and a parameter to harmonise the difference in the live stats. We have already done the system that 'recognises' different providers, but the implementation is long and laborious.


Football predictions

The purpose of using the study of statistics and related numbers is to make a prediction of a match or to analyse it in detail in order to obtain an entry signal in a bet or a more complex strategy.
The starting basis for making or drafting a prediction is the study of the numbers, the historical series or state of form of the teams and then comes the final study of the odds. The starting odds or start is also obviously based on statistics, but after it has been entered in the bookmakers' schedule, the line-ups, any absentees or injuries, the playing field and any information on the teams come into play. By comparing the study done with the odds and in particular with the Asian odds, a prediction with a high probability of coming out can be worked out.

The more data one uses, the broader the analysis and the narrower the field of potential outcomes.

It is advisable to use an Excel spreadsheet to enter the study data and have your own database.

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