Cash out Calculator

The cash out calculator allows you to exit a particular market at any time by freezing the profit you make or locking in your losses. The calculator allows you to cash out from all markets where there is no cash out button on betfair.

Cash out or green up Calculator

Back or Lay Bet Amount Odd Liabilityà/Profit

ODD GreenUp Ammount GreenUp Profit/Lose GreenUp
Exchange Commission %

The cash out calculator provides the amount (given the relative odd) to which the green up must be done or possibly the red up (reverse case) to split the profits (losses) in equal parts on all the selections. Furthermore, entering the amount and the lay odd, gives to you the responsibility. Steps to be taken to obtain the amount to be green up (or red up)
  • Enter the Exchange Commission in the corresponding box
  • If you want to use the green up (or red up), having initially layed a odd, enter the amount of the bet and the amount to the relative odd.
  • Enter the green up fee in the corresponding box.
  • Click on calculate and the calculator will provide the green up amount to which we must aim to obtain the profit / loss spread in equal parts on all possible results.
  • If the profit is positive, the calculator will provide the net profit in the appropriate box.
  • Repeat the same steps but reverse if you want to start with the back.
  • is not responsible for the misuse and improper use of the calculator and any loss that the user could suffer with its use. .

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