How to read Asian spreads on Asianodds

What is Asianodds

Asianodds is a site that collects the Asian spreads (handicaps) of several major Asian bookmakers Pinnacle, Sbobet, 188 Bet, 18bet etc and can provide further confirmation of the analyzes made through the value odds, statistics, and other tools. It is good to clarify that the site does not make predictions but allows you to have additional and final information useful for processing the analyzes.

This article refers to the previous version of which has now taken over the style and modality of bookodds but the functioning and reasoning for the functioning of the Asian spreads is the same!

In Asia bets are used giving a handicap of 1 or more goals to teams that have a particular meaning and we refer you to reading our article with the relative table. Consequently, we do not find the final result, our 1 x 2, but the spreads on Asian handicaps which are however readable using the table we have put at the end of this article.


Which Asian bookmaker to choose

At the top of the site you will find several bookmakers to choose from and which obviously can give a different reading of the spreads.
If you do not have a subscription to the site, you have the opportunity to consult for free the Asian spreads of 18bet which is a secondary bookmaker and consequently does not have a volume of important games giving less precise and correct signals than the others.

In particular, I advise you to choose the 188BET mode because it is an important bookmaker and with higher betting flows than the other that obviously affect the change in spreads.
If you use the first mode you may not have useful information or find an important Asian spread variation: remember what really makes the difference is the spread variation as the match whistle approaches and therefore not the absolute variation.

Now on asianodds there are also the following Asian bookmakers:

  • Pinnacle
  • Sbobet
  • 188bet
  • 18bet
  • Bet365 is not an Asian bookmaker but it is very important given the volumes of games it accepts all over the world.


 When to consult asianodds

It is important to consult quite often the variation of the spread present in asianodds because it gives us a tendency of the variation of the bets played in Asia. The most reliable information from asianodds is given to us in the last 10 minutes before the match starts because the variations are more significant and therefore the spread variation is more important. As the start of the match approaches, the bets placed increase and consequently any increases or decreases in odds.

I explained the reason for consulting the Asianodds in the last 10 minutes at the event organized in gaeta on September 1st and then I explain it in my courses: you just need to know this consideration even without knowing why: trust what I tell you because behind it there is a real and tangible explanation.

In the Gaeta event we explained that the Asian closing of the spread must be taken into account because this is the value to keep in mind and not that of the day before or two hours before the match. It is therefore important to check the variation in the spread after the game has started to be sure of the value and how the large funds, investors or whoever has information on the match are positioned.


Asian spread meaning

Now let's see how to read the spreads and what they mean in terms of "further confirmation" of an analysis made previously as I have already said that asianodds does not make tips but is an analysis and information site.

This site gives some variables that we must be good at reading them to draw interesting ideas for our analyzes.

Open: find the opening odds of the market with the relative spread

Current: is the most important parameter or the current market odds and spread that can make us understand where "the market" is going on that particular final outcome.

Here's how to read this last spread I repeat to get a rough indication of the possible outcome that must be used only as further confirmation.

The numbers refer to the first team in the table and the Current Spread:

  • If spread Current is less than or equal to - 0.75 the most probable result is 1
  • If the Current spread is between -0.75 and -0.25 (also equal to) the most likely result is 1X
  • If the Current spread is between -0.25 and 0.5 there are no useful indications
  • If the Current spread is between 0.5 (even equal) and 0.75 (also equal to) the most likely result is X2
  • If spread Current is greater than 0.75 the most probable result is 2

Going accordingly to see if the current spread is between these values ​​we can have information on the most probable sign to confirm our analysis. I repeat we must see the first team or the one that plays at home, if you see the team that plays away you should reverse everything.


Example of asianodds current spread analysis

Let's now see a simple example of interpretation of these concepts just explained

 Example of asianodds tips

Based on the values ​​previously exposed at this time, the probable prediction of the Danish match is the victory of Nordsjaelland as the current spread is -0.75 and corresponds to point 1. As I said it should be checked around 19.00 when the match is about to start. It is essential for the goodness and confirmation of the prediction that in addition to -0.75 there is a variation in the spread of 0.25 in the direction of the home team. The higher spread change, the stronger the signal that the Asian spread provides.

This indication serves only as confirmation of a qualitative analysis made previously.


Video how to make a tips with asianodds

How do you make a tips with asianodds? In the video below I try in a simple way to explain how to make a tips with the asianodds by analyzing the difference in spread between the opening and the current value. We must concentrate on looking for important spread variations and verify if the results and the state of form of the teams analyzed go in the same direction. With a little study and experience you will see that this step will be simple.

FAQ Asianodds

I now answer the most frequent questions concerning the asianodds. In case of further questions or doubts you can write an email directly and I will answer all requests.


What tricks are there for asianodds?

There are no real tricks but the Asian configurations that tend to repeat themselves over time and if you start to identify them later it will also be easier for us to find excellent ideas. Asian configurations have changed over the years and consequently one has to find others or refine the technique.

Do you win with the asianodds?

As in all things you can make a profit but you must first of all study, make a statistical analysis with the best statistics sites and use the asianodds only as a final confirmation of the analysis made.

188bet is the best bookmaker for asianodds?

The original site was born with 188bet and consequently everyone has calibrated their configurations with 188bet. This Asian bookmaker but many players and volumes matched and consequently gives reliable signals.

When should the asianodds be consulted?

I recommend consulting the asianodds especially in the last 15 minutes before the match starts. We must then look at the Asian closure which is the one to be taken as a reference.

Do asianodds give equal signals for everyone?

No! Everyone can see what he wants in the Asian spread. Obviously there are some known configurations while others are aware of few people and the union of more information such as the variation of spread combined with the Asian line can provide different and better indications.

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