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MuchBetter is the new app and Ewallet with smartphone that allows you to transfer your money exclusively through your telephone number via an application that can be downloaded on your smartphone.
MuchBetter was conceived to be an electronic wallet for shopping on the internet safely and has taken up a lot of customers specifically for betting. MuchBetter allows you to transfer your funds in real time with an innovative system of fraud and customer protection.
Everything works no longer via an email like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller but via a phone number. Your identification will be your telephone number which will identify you immediately and obviously a person corresponds to a telephone number. It is very convenient because the application can be installed on any smartphone and will always be with you allowing you to make purchases on the go or for all your internet shopping.


How MuchBetter works

MuchBetter is an electronic wallet that works as an application on smartphones and is used to send, deposit and use your funds and transfer them to the main bookmakers or betting exchange platforms.
The application is really intuitive to use and opening an account is simple and immediate.
You can recharge your account with any payment system such as all mastercard and visa credit card circuits, bitcoins, bank transfers, etc.

You can transfer the money for free and quickly to another MuchBetter user or use the MuchBetter Prepaid Debit Mastercard ® to withdraw at any ATM or spend online or physically in the store.

We recommend that you request the card if you use the system frequently, in this way you will have your money immediately available and withdrawable with the card.


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How to subscribe to MuchBetter

To register and use MuchBetter immediately you have to follow the simple steps we have described:

Click on open MuchBetter account on your desktop or mobile phone and the following screen will open where you have to enter your personal data and a 4-digit numeric code that you will have to use each time.

open muchbetter account


Once you click on the button get a MuchBetter account you will receive on your phone a code and the link to download the application for your android or ios phone.

Once this is done, follow the various steps on the screen of your phone and quickly you will have opened the muchbetter account directly on the phone without having to do anything else.
In the first phase, no documents or proof of residence are required.

Once you have opened the account and you have seen how the app works, you can undergo verification by sending in the documents required to have full authorization and remove all the limits that are initially set if the account has not been approved and you have not entered your identified documents necessary the laws and procedures for money laundering.


Open a MuchBetter account and receive the app. on your phone


Remove the limits from MuchBetter

The account initially has stringent limits if you do not complete verification with an identification document and you can load or withdraw only 130 euros. To remove the limits from your MuchBetter account you need to complete verification. To do this, tap on ID verification from the home screen, and then choose the issuing country and document type you would like to use for your I.D. verification. There are 3 options available:

  • Passport
  • Drivers license
  • Personal I.D.

Scan your documents using the app.

If necessary, authentication via automatic self with a certified application is required and the process after the self lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. In some cases it has been found that the application asks you for your documents again. At this point we advise you to send the personal documents again as specified and the problem will disappear forever.

If you want to bypass this step of direct identification via self you can send an email to verification with the documents, telephone number, name and surname.

The primary limits are 110,310 euros per transaction / month / year and if you want to increase them you must send a proof of residence to the email specified above. As you can understand, the maximum limits of MuchBetter are high and superior to the standards of competitors and consequently it is a system suitable for all the needs of the small private individual as well as the professional or company.


MuchBetter Prepaid Debit Mastercard ®

To use the funds on your MuchBetter ewallet you can request a MuchBetter  Mastercar directly from the application. The card arrives directly at your home at no cost and you can use it to withdraw at any ATM at a cost of 0.99% for each withdrawal which is approximately half the cost for each withdrawal on skrill and neteller. Of course, payments made with your muchbetter card are free.

The MuchBetter card has a dynamic CVV that is generated for each transaction made with the card and consequently cannot be found or stolen making payment through this card much safer.
Each time a transaction is made on the internet, the data required to be filled in are the following:

  • Credit card holder
  • Credit card number
  • maturity
  • cvv to authenticate the transaction.


The cvv for traditional credit and debit cards is fix for each card and therefore if someone gets hold of it, they can make transactions in our name. MuchBetter's system creates this dynamic and always different cvv code giving a higher degree of security and protection against online fraud.

 Ricarica vouchers are now free from top-up fees. See here for further details:

MegaDraw MuchBetter

From time to time MuchBetter run promotions which give their customers the chance to win prizes. The MegaDraw is active right now.

The MegaDraw consists of 4 quarterly prizes of 12,500 euros per draw among customers and in addition a prize at the end of the year of 50,000 euros if the sum of all MegaDraw points exceed 150 million: there will be the draw of the mega lucky winner who will win the ultimate prize.

For participating in MegaDraw with Muchbetter open the account to click here


Points for participating in the MegaDraw

To participate in each draw it is necessary to have MegaPoints which will give an entrance ticket and are calculated as follows:

  • 5 points for each MuchBetter recharge
  • 1 point for sending cash to another MuchBetter user
  • 1 point for each charity donation through the application
  • 1 point for depositing funds to a merchant
  • 5 points for purchasing or activating Winwatch
  • 7 points purchase / activation keychain secure payments
  • 25 points full account verification
  • 5 points for refer a friend.

 If you want more information about MegaDraw you can read the official page of MegaDraw


MegaDraw has now ended for 2021.

Keep an eye out on our rewards page for new exciting rewards coming in 2022!


Use on or other bookmakers

To depositing and sending money to your account other bookmakers account you can use MuchBetter. Once you have opened your MuchBetter account go to your Betfair account and go to deposit --- alternative methods and click on MuchBetter. Enter your phone number linked to your MuchBetter account and the deposit amount (make sure this balance is available in your MuchBetter account). You will receive a notification in your MuchBetter app requesting funds to the gaming site. Confirm this and the funds will be sent straight away.

It is important that the name of the Betfair account coincides with the holder of the MuchBetter account.

Besides Betfair several other bookmakers use MuchBetter such as bwin, 1xbet, betsson, pinnacle, betwinner, marathon bet etc



We have personally opened several MuchBetter accounts and we must say that the account opening procedure, identification and installation on the phone were really fast and immediate. We have not encountered any kind of problems and some of our users have been using it for several days without any kind of problem.
The negative reviews of MuchBetter found for example on the Play Store are probably due to not having performed the correct procedure as described by us. If you have various problems you can write to us and our team will help you. We have established a direct relationship with MuchBetter for any problems encountered.

We found from the people who contacted us directly that they made "mistakes" in registration or sending money completely wrong and for this reason the accounts have been suspended. For example you must open an account in your name and send legible identity documents for authentication and the money you send to your account must come from a payment system in your name: you cannot send money to your account through the debit card or the bank transfer of your friend or relative! If you send money from another account that is not in your name, the account will be suspended for verification.

Open a MuchBetter account and receive the app. on your phone


MuchBetter is a fairly recent payment app compared to the competition and consequently many do not know it and do not know its features and for this we are overwhelmed with specific questions. We now answer the most frequently asked questions.


How MuchBetter works?

MuchBetter is an electronic payment application that is used to send money to a betting account or make online payments in a safe and very fast way. To work it needs a smartphone and a phone number that identifies the customer instead of the email.

How do i withdraw with MuchBetter?

To withdraw in a simple and safe way, you can request your free MuchBetter mastercard in order to withdraw at any ATM in the world or pay with your card and contactless

MuchBetter in comparison with paypal?

The difference between MuchBetter and paypal is that with MuchBetter you need a phone number to send money to your friends through the app unlike paypal which uses email.

How do I open a MuchBetter account?

To open an account with MuchBetter in a simple way you have to click here on open a MuchBetter account and once you have entered your phone number a link will be sent via a text message to download the app for your android or Ios smartphone.

How MuchBetter cost?

MuchBetter is a free service and has a free payment card. To withdraw at any ATM with the MuchBetter MasterCard there is a cost of 0.99% for each withdrawal, while sending money to friends via the smartphone app is free

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