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Work with sport and have fun

Working in the Betting Exchange represents a real and unexpected turning point in one's professional life, not only because it allows anyone wishing to learn and apply themselves with dedication and intelligence to obtain their true financial independence in a reasonable time but because it allows them to do a job that you like and consequently do not feel the weight. Having fun while working is everyone's dream!

By becoming a trader on the Betting Exchange, you can count on a cash flow of additional or primary monthly income, which in an uncertain and difficult economic phase, can be a lifeline.

Living from sports trading

Trading on bets is easier to do than traditional financial markets (trading on stocks, futures and forex) for some characteristic aspects, such as the prior knowledge of most odds charts. With the Betting Exchange, if some markets are excluded such as the tennis match odds, the trend of the odds chart can be determined a priori by trading only with the help of the book, without the use of reading and prediction of charts such as indicators, Gann, etc.

It is essential to be able to create a job in the Betting Exchange, to respect the operating rules that must be imposed before trading and above all to respect the rules of Money Management, that is, proper money management.

Without the use of money management rules it is impossible to be successful in the long run, and no one can ever guarantee you this: whoever does it will only make fun of you. The winning trader in the long run will be the one who will always use the learned money management rules: without individual application you can never be a winner!

If you become professional, that is, you learn a method perfectly and apply the exemplary money management rules and in any case, living on betting exchange after a few years of learning can become a reality.

Working with the Betting Exchange will allow everyone to become independent and free, to be able to choose how, where and when to work: it will give the possibility to choose how to manage their profession and private life.


Because not everyone is able to earn

If others fail to earn it does not mean that it is difficult, but that people obviously approach this job as a game as the underlying is in this case a bet and is exchanged for gambling. Nothing more wrong. The study of statistics, the calculation of probabilities and a correct use of the risk / return ratio and money management allow all those who really want to get a job, a new and fascinating profession. It is not easy, but neither is it difficult; it is enough to want it and everything is achieved in life.


When to work

You can decide to be a full-time trader in the Betting Exchange or to do it partime, that is, choose to keep your original job which still gives you economic and above all psychological security, or work in your spare time by increasing your monthly income.

It is clear that the more time you dedicate to work on the Betting Exchange, the more the earnings can be greater, after the necessary time to learn this profession.
Every day there are football matches or matches of a certain sport and consequently you can decide the time and days. It is clear that football has the highest number of matches on weekends but also on other days there are meetings at all hours.


How to decrease the time to get up and running

To reduce the time needed for learning and above all "sacrifice" less money on the market to learn, it may be an excellent choice to enroll in a sports trading course or master in order to understand the basics of this new methodology more quickly and be immediately ready to start sport trading.

Doing paper trading or trading with the simulator is only a first step to learn how to use the platform, but it is essential to get involved with real money; the psychological factor deriving from operating with real money cannot be simulated with any program!


In the Betting Exchange you cash out immediately

A factor that can lead to choosing to become a sport trader is the immediate payment of the work done: in the Betting Exchange you are paid immediately (maximum 15 minutes after the conclusion of the sports event traded) and therefore you immediately perceive the fruit of the work done. It has happened to almost everyone to do a job and not get paid for various reasons. In the betting exchange this does not happen, you work hard and you get paid immediately; you touch for coyou can tell with your own hands the work done.

To become a professional sport trader there is no University with a specific degree course, but you can tackle an appropriate study plan by following specific steps. Beginners are advised to consult our betting exchange guide to get an immediate and clearer idea of what to do to shorten learning times and read our book betting exchange the sports trading revolution right away available on Amazon.

The ignorance and inability of people will allow you to have excellent earnings by exploiting the mistakes of others.

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