Alert Goal by Gianluca Landi how it works

The Alert Goal GL by Gianluca Landi is a revolutionary tool to assist the operation of the sport trader and the advanced bettor as it allows, with a high reliability tested in the past months (official start October 2018), to predict, when conditions are sky high, game where one of the two teams is about to score a goal. It is an excellent tool that obviously needs to be used during live matches by entering on markets at the right moment and waiting for value odds.


How it works

The functioning of Gianluca Landi's Alert Goal from the user point of view is very simple and immediate: the user receives an automatic message in real time on the proprietary Telegram channel. The user can search for the game and place his bet on the most appropriate market.

The Goal Alert uses a proprietary algorithm that uses the following input variables such as:

  • shots on target
  • missed shots
  • goalkeeper saves
  • corner kicks
  • ball possession in a specific area
  • historical and current average number of shots on target / goal of the team
  • historical and current average of the team's shots /goals
  • average goals scored and allowed in a given time range
  • other very important team statistics, leagues etc etc.

Based on all these input data processed in real time, the software release an Alert Goal sending it via Telegram to our service subscribers. From the moment the Alert has been sent, the goal may arrive at any time.


When the goal will arrive

After an alert has been sent how long we should wait to see a goal scored? The alert is generated by the software when the chances are high that a goal may be scored and consequently may arrive or after  few minutes or even within 5 - 10 minutes for very strong signals.

To facilitate the reading of the Alert we added the item "Result" which indicates the exact result when the signal was received. If monitorign the game we realize that the result has already changed and we haven't had time to enter on the market, we will simply have to wait for the next Alert.


Types of Alert


alert goal gianluca landi example

The GL alert goal contains the following information on 5 lines which are:

    • Country or Championship
    • Game
    • Result
    • Min. Alert
    • Type Alert



The last line contains the Type of Alert which must be well understood for correct use. As they were created and set, the Alert Goal GL can go up to a certain minute of the second half to give excellent reliability and a lower error margin.


First Half Alert Goal HT

There are 4 types of Alert Goal GL at the moment and they are the following:

Alert goal GL HT 5 Stars

5 Stars first half alert ( Alert HT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) which arrives within a certain initial time range where the probability that before the end of the game the result will unlock is very high above 90%. In this case you can enter the first half over 0.5 HT and similar markets (depending on the result) with a defined percentage of your stake and in case of non-goals go to make the recovery in the second half step on the following over of a goal.


Alert Goal GL HT 3 StarsAlert Goal 3 Stars ( Alert HT ⭐⭐⭐) arrives in a second time range following the first where the probabilities are always very good but lower than the first type cause there are less minute before the end of the first half. If the goal is not scored in the first half, you have to apply the same rules of before. It is recommended on this alert to enter with a very low stake in the first half and then move to the second half. Here the chances of a goal scored are very high especially in the case of 0-0.


Alert Goal  and  0-0 second half

These two types of alerts are particular and we see them in details.

Alert Goal

Alert Goal is the main alert that can go from the second half of the first half until the end of the match (max 71 minutes). You can set up a whole series of trading or betting methods that go from lay the draw if still 0-0, 1-1 or 2-2 or bet on the following back over or laying the current under.




Alert 0 0 Second Half

Alert Goal 0-0 Second Half (Alert 0-0 Second Half) is the alert for laying the draw that can arrive in the second half of the second half: having the odds of the draw fairly low, it provides an optimal risk / return ratio. We recommend to bet using steps to optimize your profit always respecting your money management.



To all those who start using the Gianluca Landi Alert Goal we recommend using this strategy which is extraordinary and very simple to use. Only the Alert HT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and Alert HT ⭐⭐⭐ must be done on the following  over step when the odd reaches at least 1.7 - 1.8. We consequently operate in the following way:


      • Expect a type of Alert just described
      • then go to check the odds of the following over. Example on a 1-0 result you need to go checking  over 2.5 odd waiting for it to reach at least 1.7 and then enter with a first step of 50% stake. If they don't score, you enter with another 25% at 2.3 and a final step at 3.00 with the remaining  25%. Once the goal has been scored, you can wait a few minutes and decide whether to green up or continue. When a red up of 50% is reached, you can go on the current over  with 50% of the stake (which was saved by going out in red up) at a odds equal to or greater than 2.00.
      • The entrance to the over with the stakes described depends on the game and you can obviously decide to change the percentages from time to time
      • After an HT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ alert has been sent,  two goals arrive in 83% of cases and slightly lower for HT Alerts ⭐⭐⭐


How many alerts will arrive

The number of Alerts is not predictable as it depends exclusively on the progress of the games being played. At this time, the alerts are very selected and therefore a large number of alerts cannot be expected: 1 to 30 alerts can arrive in a day. If there are no games  it is possible and normal that no alerts will arrive.


Usage strategies

In order to maximize the benefit and economic return it is necessary to know how to use it in the best way

We recommend that you carefully follow the following steps:

        • Several times the Goal arrives a minute or a few minutes after the Alert arrives, in many other cases it arrives after 5-10 or sometimes 20-30 minutes. It is therefore important to decide which market to enter and at what odd.
        • The Alert Goal GL has a high statistical probability of identifying the time range when a goal can be scored: it is not a magic tool and  sometimes it can go wrong. But on the long run it lowers the variance
        • Always use the money management of your account: 2% or less of the cash.

It is clear that the user must use his head and his own calcisitic and statistical knowledge. As I have always claimed, the human part in sports trading is still predominant and fundamental compared to any software.

The alert goal must not be considered valid if it arrives immediately after the goal or in any case within a maximum of 1-3 minutes from a goal scored.

It means that if a goal has been scored at 52 minutes and the gl goal alert immediately later, this must not be done.


Video Presentation

Below you will find the video presentation of the Alert Goal GL made by my collaborator Ion Dumitras with the voice of Emanuele Sabatino journalist and radio speaker.

Those who are subscribed to the GL Alert Goal Channel are asked to see the video and hear all the audio and the explanatory images to understand even more its operation and optimize the use of this tool.

How to get the Alert Goal GL

It is now possible to purchase the annual subscription at the price of 99 euros per month. The Alert will be constantly improved with the addition of new markets and features.

You can consult the specific registration page for the Alert Goal GL and see all its characteristics and peculiarities.

We have created a proprietary software that scans all the alerts arrived (from 1 minute to 90 minutes of all the national championships) and will give us complete information on which types of Alerts are most profitable based on specific stats for every national championship and every minutes.

Markets available

The Alert specify which championship the teams in question belong to and the country where the competition itself is played. Some championships are not present because the Alert does not have a reliability that I consider satisfactory. Here is the list of markets available in the Alert Goal GL:

            •  Sweden
            • Holland
            • Lithuania
            • Singapore
            • Armenia
            • Japan
            •  Spain
            • Germany
            •  England
            • France
            • Island
            • Norway
            • Italy
            • Romania
            • Scotland
            • Portugal
            • Poland
            • Austria
            • Greece
            • Slovenia
            • Serbia
            • Russia
            • Champions League
            • Europa League
            • Finish
            • Bulgaria
            • Lithuania
            • United States
            • Belarus
            • Belgium
            • Turkish
            • Brasil
            • Irland
            • Danish
            • Swiss
            • Youth Champions League
            • Campionato Primavera
            • Serie C
            • Slovakia
            • Croazia
            • Uzbekistan


Future developments

We have created another software with artificial intelligence on which we are loading all the games obtained from the Goal Alert Gianluca Landi. Once all the games have been entered, the software will show us in a graphic and immediate form which types of Alerts are more performing and other deeper stats.

With the help of this new software we could give subscribers more precise data and indications


What to do when the Alert arrives

In this little guide we explain what should be done when the Alert Goal GL arrives. You have to see the various types of Alert well and the tables with minutes and markets



Customer telegram group

Starting in December 2019, we created a telegram channel for all our customers  where we exchange real-time usage strategies and information on the games involved in the alert goal by having direct interaction between users. Some users watch the game and give very useful information to the group. This assistance group that is part of the alert goal is a sort of mini course on its use and greatly helps its users. In this moment is only in italian language.


 Alert Goal results

You can see all the results of the Alert Goal GL updated day by day starting from March in this table below and check  the numbers of this tool!





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