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Draw Balance is a proprietary indicator embedded within ScoreTrend's asianodds. The Draw Balance is used to trade pre-match on the draw or lay the draw live. With this unique and extraordinary indicator, these two widely used betting exchange strategies become simple and affordable for everyone.

What it is and how it works

The draw balance indicates when the probability of the draw offered by the bookmakers is lower than the probability that the statistics on that match suggest. This difference can occur for many reasons such as: an imbalance in the odds on the winning home or away team, bettors' perceptions influencing their bets, or other specific reasons. When a major flow of money arrives in Asian markets, this is reflected in the value of the odds by changing the 'calculated parameters' of the bookmakers' software. These differences in probability and statistics are intercepted by our draw balance indicator.

The draw balance through a very complex algorithm takes into account the odds, the variation of Asian handicaps on both teams, spread variations and other statistical factors. The draw balance value is on average in a range of -25 to +25 %. Depending on how the indicator varies, there are a number of strategies that can be implemented. We suggest mainly applying the two strategies that are the best and have an exaggerated success rate! Everyone can do them as they are very simple and straightforward.

The value of the indicator is obviously not constant, but fluctuates depending on the variation of the parameters listed above. One must monitor the draw balance in order to enter at the appropriate time depending on the chosen strategy.

The draw balance as mentioned can be found on the main screen of the asianoddsscoretrend or in the betting section under Tip.

📌 To understand the full functionality of Scoretrend's asianodds you can access the dedicated explanation page: Promotion and Operation Asianodds ScoreTrend



Draw Balance value table

The draw balance can have positive or negative values and depending on the value, a different strategy can be applied.

The draw balance values to which the respective strategy can be applied are:

Draw Balance valuesSuggested strategy
Very High >10% Lay the Draw preferably live with odds <2.50
High (5% -10%) Consider betting live draw last 25-30 minutes. Study match and scoretrend
Moderate (0%-5%) No clear analysis should be assessed on the basis of qualitative analysis
Negative (< -1%) Pre-Match trading on the draw

As can be seen from the two green ticks the suggested strategies that are those with a unique and "incredible" margin of success are :

  • Lay the draw: When the draw balance is above 10%, it is recommended to lay the draw  live. You can decide to bank it right away or wait for a lower odds. It is suggested to lay the draw live under 2.50 odds. These are only suggestions in the sense that there are many variations to the basic strategy. The only thing to take into account is that the final 0-0 are very few. It is suggested to do the lay X in case the 0-0 result persists.
  • Pre-match draw trading: one looks for negative draw balance values a few days before (2-4) and goes to the draw odds to bet on it. One should look for major leagues with good liquidity and that are on the betting exchange. The odds should be between 3.3 and 5.4 maximum to take advantage of the downward movement in odds.

These are general indications for the use of the draw balance, which of course everyone can 'adjust' or modify according to their own way of operating. What is fundamental to understand is that the draw balance chooses matches to apply the two strategies mentioned with an incredible success rate.

In the range between 10 and 0, there is no clear-cut strategy. It is advisable to possibly consider the 5-10% range to bank the draw balance live but with a prior study of the match.

Where to find the draw balance

The draw balance is a proprietary indicator found in scoretrend's asianodds. As already pointed out, this indicator is created by taking into account changes in odds, handicaps and Asian spreads. For the time being it is completely free and you can use it right away without any registration. Try it out and you will see for yourself how much easier everything is now.

In the betting tab you will find the same day's betting odds and can be changed as the Asian conditions change. At the start of the match the predictions with the draw balance are fixed and remain that way. It is recommended to make them close to the start of the event and in any case within the hour before the opening whistle.

This is how the predictions are placed on the site. The red B represents the draw bank, while the P represents the pre-match draw tip.

draw balance banca pareggioDraw balance punta pre match


How to bet the pre-match draw

The draw balance allows you to bet the pre-match draw by giving us the matches where the odds should fall. Pre-match trading with draw balance becomes a simple strategy for everyone.

To understand how to use it for pre-match trading below you can see the complete step by step guide


How to lay the draw balance

The draw balance with values greater than 10 allows you to bank the draw with extraordinary results.
In the video guide you can find out how to best use the draw balance for this strategy.


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