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In this 2-minute introductory video I will explain what our new and very powerful Asian odds tool allows you to do. The system is completely different from the competition: simpler, more intuitive and within reach of the less experienced.
AsianOdds or Asian handicaps are a particular type of bets that originated in Asia. The largest flows of bets come from Asian bookmakers such as Pinnacle, Sbobet, 188bet and the English bookmaker bet365.

In Asia there are fewer controls on account openings and the last 15 minutes before the start of the match bets are free (any amount can be bet). You understand that anyone who has 'special' information about a match (match fixing) or who moves large amounts of money goes to Asian bookmakers: the movement of odds and handicaps gives us important information about the course of the match.

That is what ScoreTrend's Asianodds are for! With our Asianodds you put yourself one step ahead of the rest. From the odds and the spread variation comes the main 'information' about a match. Don't miss this opportunity.
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What can you do with Asianodds?

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What are the strengths of Asianodds by ScoreTrend?

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Highlighted predictions with a success rate of more than 80%.

On the main screen of ScoreTrend's Asianodds you will find the 'basic' predictions, which are summarised and highlighted in the predictions TAB.

The basic predictions are already very good with a high success rate. Next come the predictions selected with our proprietary algorithm. Those "coloured" yellow for the draw, blue for the home winner and red for the away winner should be used. The Asian predictions are made using Asian set-ups and spread variations. We recommend using them close to the start of the match where the odds and spread variations stabilise and 'freeze'.

Our customers use these predictions to make multiples with 2-3-5 events in order to raise the final odds. The results are amazing! See for yourself the results of past predictions.

Extraordinary are the DB predictions, i.e. made with the Draw Balance. Punta bets are those with a negative draw balance where you have to go for a pre-match draw in matches that are played 2 or 3 days later.

LAY predict ions (you can see the results) are used to go for a live draw on the day of the prediction. When the match starts and the odds go down you should look at the scoretrend and goal trend charts and enter by betting the draw. It is possible to eventually strategies with over.


Reading Spread handicap asianodds scoretrend

Simple and immediate reading of the Spread match

We have made a difficult concept easy to understand. Asianodds with handicaps and spreads have always been complicated to understand: here it is extremely trivial!

For each match there is only one line with the favourite team. The sign (-) identifies the favourite home team and the sign (+) the favourite away team. There are no longer so many colours to identify changes in odds or spreads. If the spread is positive it means that it is gained by the favourite team, if negative that the spread is lost. Consequently, positive spreads bring an 'advantage' to the favourite team and are coloured. All simple and straightforward!

Comparison 3 Bookmaker asianodds scoretrend

Comparison of 3 bookmakers at the same time

For each match there is only the handicap of the sign (-) favourite at home and sign (+) favourite away and we compare the odds of the 3 main bookmakers.

We have simplified the whole operational layout by putting only the favourite for a more streamlined and immediate reading. The comparison of the 3 bookmakers is crucial to understand if there are'strange plays' on the odds and especially on the spread variation by the bookmakers. The latter now know the Asian configurations that bettors look at for their predictions. For this reason, a bookmaker may not trigger the spread especially on the closing odds. The comparison of bookmakers, odds and spreads leads to a more precise and clearer view of Asian odds.

In the past, many professional bettors or traders based their predictions solely on Asian odds. In the course of time, the success rate with the same set-up has plummeted. Bookmakers make money on the client's losses and consequently will do anything to thwart them. This tool helps you and gives you an advantage over the bookmakers!


Draw Balance Asianodds scoretrend

Draw Balance - Pre-match and live lay the draw

Draw Balance is our proprietary indicator that allows you to trade pre-match on the draw or lay it live depending on the indicator's value.

On the main asianodds scoretrend page you will find the value of the draw balance which is calculated every 5 minutes based on the trend of 1x2 odds, Asian handicaps, spread variation and other factors. On the main page you will find the explanation guide and the relevant table of indicator values.

With a negative value you can back the pre-match draw 2 or 3 days later in a range of draw odds between 3.20 - 5.2 of the main leagues on the betting exchange. When the value is > 10 you can lay the draw live draw when the odds are below 2.50. See the results for yourself!

Super filter asianodds scoretrend

SUPER Filter

With the super filter you can filter all the data on the site and find the best and most profitable Asian configurations.

The filter allows you to select matches by day, odds, result, Asian handicap variation, spread, odds, goal line and much more. By studying particular configurations on different data sets you can find Asian configurations that result in very profitable betting signals.


live odds prematch charts asianodds scoretrend

LIVE and Pre-Match Odds and Charts

Clicking on the name of the match opens a dedicated window with all the pre-match and live odds and charts on a time scale.

In the match tab you will find an odds comparator with the leading Asian and world bookmakers. In the relevant tabs you will find live and pre-match odds for handicaps, goal line and 1 x 2 signs. For Bet365 we have the odds for the relevant first half markets and corner kicks. Above the odds, on the other hand, you will find the relevant charts. The time trend of the odds gives an insight into the underlying trend of the market. The trend is fundamental and is our motion: scoretrend is your friend, follow it!


Reviews from our users

Users of ScoreTrend's asianodds are enthusiastic about our product. We have received thanks for the free service on all our social platforms or directly to the founder Gianluca Landi.

Here are some thank-you messages.


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Winning bets made with our predictions

Winning betting slips made with our predictions are numerous and some of these have been sent to us by users to thank us and let us know how good they are. Other customers have built betting systems with the multiples or use the predictions to enter the live game directly.

Below are some examples:


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