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Geeks Toy is the best betting exchange software and the one we recommend for scalping on This software was created and designed by The Geek (as he calls himself in his geeks toy forum ), an excellent trader on English horse racing who needed something more powerful than the software available on the market at the time.


Geektoy has been continuously improved and implemented from its inception until today according to the requests of its users. The developer reads and communicates with forum users who have helped to solve bugs and recommend new features. Today, geeks toy in its final and optimised version is the fastest and best performing platform on the world market. You should consider this software if you are familiar with the use of computers and if you mainly use scalping as a technique. The customisation possibilities are numerous and require above-average computer knowledge. Other software apart from Betangel is considerably simpler and more intuitive to use.


Where to download Geeks Toy and operating systems

Geeks toy can be downloaded from the software's house website and installed directly onto the desktop of your computer. For the time being, there is no native Mac version, but it can still be used on the virtual Mac environment that simulates Windows. With this, geeks toy runs correctly with the same performance as the native windows version. There are still no official versions of geek toy for mobile systems such as android and Ios.

There are two identical versions of geek toy, but adapted to the two main world exchanges which are Betfair and Betdaq.


Available versions

There are 3 versions of the software available for the different major world exchange platforms.

The available versions are:

  • Betfair
  • Betdaq > free version
  • Matchbook > free version


Functionality and features

Geeks toy is the platform with the fastest data refresh rate on the market: the automatic update of odds is just 20 milliseconds. The software is highly customisable by the customer as it is possible to choose from several specific layouts with charts, the possibility to reverse the back and lay on the vertical book, and all settings on order sending, cancellation etc. Before use, it is advisable to get plenty of practice in order to find your own optimal and customised settings.

The main features of geeks toy are:

  • market share reception with automatic refresh of 20 milliseconds
  • vertical book (ladder) with one-click bet insertion, deletion and modification
  • green up and red up directly from the ladder
  • dutching and bookmaking function
  • advanced and customisable odds charts
  • inplay interface: horse racing-specific functionality with horse advancement
  • PIQ: position of your bet waiting to be matched
  • two ways of viewing odds: grid and ladder
  • market navigator: a simple and intuitive view of all Betfair markets
  • extreme customisation of the operational layout
  • live training: trading simulator with real odds with virtual money


Inplay interface

A really interesting and unique feature of Geeks toy for English horse racing is undoubtedly the inplay interface. With this mode, which can be selected by clicking on the amount in your account with the right button, you have a live view of the race with the position of the horses, the time remaining at the end of the race and the odds. As the race progresses, the sliders representing the horses move, giving the actual position of the horses. Obviously seeing it from live video is another matter, but nevertheless this tool is very useful and well done. We reiterate that the order entry delay on English horseracing is now 1 second and the live video is "too late" to be able to do live scalping.

Inplay interface ippica


Dutching and bookmaking

The dutching on geeks toy is high and has several different ways of displaying and trading. For example, it allows you to have a fixed profit on all selections or to have a fixed stake to use. There is the possibility to choose the stake for each selection and the software tells us the percentage available in the market compared to the stake used.

Dutching geeks toy

Geeks toy costs

Geeks toy was born and has remained for many years a completely free and open software at the behest of The Geeks: he occasionally asked all users for a voluntary donation for charitable causes he had promoted. In 2012, the platform became pay-as-you-go in various ways, creating discontent among 'older' and loyal users.

Geeks Toy subscription costs:

  • £20 cost every 3 months
  • £60 one fee for the annual subscription.
  • Occasionally The Geek offers for a limited time the option to buy a lifetime licence at a cost of £120.


We believe that for the value of the software in question, the subscription cost has a fair 'fair value', and therefore we will stake it without hesitation.



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