Traderline | The complete and simplest software for Betfair


Traderline is the first Italian betfair exchange software that has been a great success among traders in recent years and since 2014 also for Italian customers. 
Traderline is used and appreciated for its ease of use and at the same time for the completeness of its advanced trading tools and instruments. The software is essentially designed for sports traders and has all the functionality needed for scalping on Betfair.

The software's house is a Portuguese company Media corp Lda with the website

Traderline's main features and tools

Traderline has all the main tools and functionalities necessary to trade on the exchange that greatly facilitate the life of the sports trader and in particular

  • real-timemarket quotes with the possibility of choosing the time of update from the bees
  • Vertical ladder to place bet and bank orders with one click: edit, delete and insert order.
  • Advanced dutching
  • Horizontal odds grid
  • Odds charts
  • Green up and red up
  • Virtual money mode
  • matched volumes in each market
  • PIQ: position waiting for your bet on the market
  • automatic stop loss and take profit
  • keep your bet in play

You should pay close attention to the settings on the right to possibly deactivate the confirmation before the order is placed or the stake which can be set as amount, liability or profit.


Virtual Money Mode

A very interesting feature of traderline is the possibility to learn how to trade on the betfair exchange in virtual mode i.e. with non-real money. This feature is especially important for beginners as it allows you to learn how to trade on the betting exchange without any risk. We recommend using the virtual money mode as if it were real money so that the simulation is as realistic as possible. To activate this option you will find the relevant button in the top right corner and the software will change colour to warn you that you are in virtual money mode.


Traderline Costs

Traderline has a very aggressive cost policy in fact the monthly cost of the platform is 4.99 euros.

Another very convenient option is to purchase the lifetime version of Traderline at a cost of €59.99 + VAT.

Traderline is therefore the cheapest platform on the market.


New Traderline version soon available

With the Traderline team there is an old friendship and collaboration that started with an invitation to Rome in 2014 to the first Betting Exchange Conference we organised. Over the years we have collaborated and helped develop the new version that will soon be available. The architecture of the software will be completely different with a significantly improved match search. There will be live match statistics, results and daily, weekly and monthly profit and loss. Traderline will be more user-friendly and significantly more performant and faster. The launch of the new version is expected before the finish of 2024.


Traderline User Guide

A fully illustrated guide to the Traderline platform is now available in Italian. To download it, simply log into the software and you will see the download link.
You can see a video guide to the use of Traderline below, created by Gianluca Landi and available on the YouTube channel.

Traderline Certification

Traderline is a certified platform by Betfair, and is in fact listed on the api-trading site.




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