MarketFeeder is the software dedicated to automated strategies on Betfair in two distinct ways: via proprietary triggers or Excel's DDE. MarketFeeder works exclusively on

How MarketFeeder works

MarketFeeder is the software for automated trading on Betfair as it is able by programming to send automated orders on Betfair without having to click the mouse each time to place the bet or banknote. This software is particularly suitable for those who want to automate their trading through a platform designed specifically for sending and managing orders automatically.

Those who want to automate their systems will find in this platform an excellent solution with a huge possibility of implementations and solutions for all situations that can occur in live or pre-match.



Marketfeeder automation mode

The official MarketFeeder website offers two alternatives both of which are valid for placing orders on Betfair which are:

  • MarketFeeder's proprietary codes that must be inserted into a specific template and allow, through an infinite number of options, to send bet or bankroll orders when specific conditions occur. These types of proprietary codes are called Triggers
  • Excel spreadsheet programming for marketfeeder: through the DDE you can download market data into an Excel spreadsheet, and on the occurrence of certain conditions programmed through mathematical operators, you can implement your own betting exchange strategies


Market feeder is therefore a different platform from the others and is only good for automatically sending orders to Betfair or also called betting exchange bots. It is true that it is also possible via the vertical ladder to place bets directly with the mouse, but this is not the option it was made for and therefore we recommend using other platforms for scalping.

The marketfeeder forum is very popular with its users and also with the moderators of the software's house who give advice or solve problems in the implementation of strategies, here called triggers. There are many examples of triggers that have already been realised and are ready to be used or, better still, to be modified according to one's own operational needs.

Those who want to get an idea of the software can download the platform's manual in Italian directly from their site.

There is a 14-day free trial of marketfeeder after which a subscription is required, which varies according to the period chosen. The monthly subscription costs £25.


Time Machine for MarketFeeder Pro

Time Machine for MarketFeederPro is a tool for backtesting trading strategies on Betfair that allows you to verify on real data that your set filters and strategies are actually valid in terms of profit and risk. For an automatic strategy, the drawdown is also very important and must be minimised as much as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Marketfeeder's betatesting is really powerful and the user can test his strategies several times and correct them from time to time.

Markets available for betatesting are:

  • Football: 5.8 million markets with 4153.00 matches
  • Tennis: 305400 markets with 129,400 matches
  • Horse racing: 849,000 markets with 59,700 races
  • Greyhound: 993100 markets with 45,100 races



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