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Bet Angel is definitely the most professional and complete betting exchange software in the entire world.
Bet Angel is a betting exchange software born from the intuition and experience of Peter Webb, one of the first customers and real traders on Betfair betting exchange since its inception in the year 2000. Peter Webb 'invented' and introduced special functions and algorithms into his software that make it unique.

Please note that Bet Angel is a professional betting exchange platform, and not a Betfair retail software i.e. for everyone as it is a professional platform with many features: it is suitable for those who make complex strategies and need tools to support these betting exchange strategies.

It is not recommended to use it if you are a beginner and not familiar with software. There is no version for Betfair Italy but it works exclusively on

The website of Peter Webb's software house is as follows:


Bet Angel features and functionality

Bet Angel has all the features and functionality that one can have on betting exchange. It is possible to scalp with this software although we consider Traderline and Geeks toy superior.

The main features are:

  • Vertical ladder and horizontal grid
  • one-click order entry, cancellation and modification
  • green up and red up
  • professional dutching and bookmaking
  • DDE for downloading and sending orders to market via Excel spreadsheet programming
  • advanced charts
  • guardian list to monitor the market
  • practic mode for real market simulation


Additional Bet Angel software

With your Bet Angel subscription you are provided with two independent and specific softwares for two of Betfair's most important markets:

  • Football Mystic: this is football-specific software that automatically 'takes' the odds from Betfair and provides the trader with real-time odds charts of the various markets. Through a proprietary algorithm (price predictor) it provides the variation of the odds as time passes, whether the result of the match remains unchanged or one or more goals are scored. For example, soccer mystic shows in graphical form the development of the under 3.5 odds at the 80th minute after 2 goals have been scored earlier in the first half. With this software you can study hedges in case the strategy set at the start goes the wrong way. With soccer mystic the odds have no more secrets for us. The 'future' odds still have an estimated margin of error, depending on the match, of around 10-15% between those provided by the software and the real market odds. Obviously, the real odds on the exchange differ from a model built using an algorithm,
  • Tennis Trader: tennis-specific software that shows the future trend of the odds by taking several factors into account. Tennis Trader suggests which are the possible key and turning points of the match, what will happen to the future value of the odds if there is a break, what will be the probability of a tennis player winning the next game, etc.


Bet Angel Professional costs

Bet Angel is the most expensive betting exchange platform on the market with a different cost plan that varies depending on when you subscribe.

  • The monthly cost is £29.99
  • 3 month subscription costs £59.99
  • 6 months costs £99.99
  • The cost of an annual subscription is £149.99.


Bet Angel Trader

Bet Angel has made a lighter and simpler version for newbies and those who focus more on scalping. The Trader version does not have all the features described in the professional version, but it is still a useful and performing tool. This software is more streamlined and faster than its big brother.

The cost of Bet Angel trader is as follows:

  • 1 month costs £6
  • 3 months costs £18
  • 1 year costs £60

Bet Angel Professional: Virtual private server

Bet Angel has recently introduced a high-level service for sports traders in the betting exchange. By subscribing to Bet Angel's virtual private server you can have your own server in the UK with an English ip where your platform is installed so you can connect via your pc, android app or Ios directly to the server. Market orders are sent super fast as the server is located in the UK: the latency is much lower than being for example in Russia or Italy. The monthly cost starts from £24.99 up to £69.99 on top of the bet angel cost.


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