Betting assistant


Betting Assistant (also called bet assistant) is one of Betfair's first and simplest betting exchange platforms. It can be said that betting assistant is the ideal platform for all first-time bettors and traders who need a comprehensive, simple and user-friendly product.

Betting assistant was created by the English software house gruss software, which has been continuously improved and implemented over time thanks to customer feedback and requests from the forum, which is very popular with customers. Betting Assistant has two similar versions for the two most important world exchange Betfair and Betdaq.

Functionality and features

Betting Assistant has all the main functionalities of a standard betting exchange platform and also has several options for automatic trading.

Betting Assistant is widely used by those who need to use Excel's DDE to automate strategies. There are example layouts on how it can be used, but again, it is not for beginners or those who do not have VBA.

The main features of betting assistant are:

  • vertical ladder with one-click order entry and deletion
  • green up and red up directly from the Ladder
  • dutching and bookmaking
  • stop loss and take profit
  • DDE for excel functionality to send automatic orders via the simplest mathematical operators
  • Marker replay (odds, volumes, Betfair markets from the last 5 years to test your strategies)
  • support forum with answers to customer problems or queries

With the introduction of market replay, Betting Assistant has taken a big step forward and given a very interesting service especially to those who make betting systems. With this option, you can test your strategies with virtual money on historical data.


Available versions of Betting Assistant

Betting Assistant has two separate versions for the two major world exchanges which are:

  • Betfair Assistant
  • Betdaq Assistant


Betting assistant costs

Betting assistant is an inexpensive betting exchange platform with a cost of only £6 per month which is lowered if you decide to make the annual subscription (of £60) for the Betfair version. If you also decide to use the Market Replay option the cost per month becomes £9 and the 12 month subscription becomes £100.

Market Replay it is true increases the cost slightly but it is a very powerful tool to test your betting exchange strategies without using your own money. The bet assistant version for Betdaq on the other hand is free. For those who want the DDE to be used with excel it is undoubtedly the best and cheapest solution.



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