video betting exchangeThe betting exchange videos collected in this section of the site and in the related articles have been previously uploaded on the Gianluca Landi youtube channel.
In the betting exchange where there are Charts, moving odds, vertical ladders etc, videos and real simulations are needed to better understand the dynamics of the market and share movements with related tricks dictated by experience.
In the videos there are many explanations of tools, software and statistics sites in order to better explain how to use them and where are the main tools to use best.

We invite you to carefully watch our videos several times with the proposed tools and contact us in case you are not clear about some concepts.

Scalping on the semi final World Cup On Betfair

In this video I show a session of scalping on Betfair in the first half of the semi-final of the world championship of russia 2018. A semi-final is a match between two strong teams where the first thing is to try not to suffer goals and is ideal for do scalping.

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In this video I show scalping on Betfair during the 2018 World Cup in Russia on the Belgium England match. I started scalping after the 1-0 result that was scored by Belgium after 4 minutes of the first half. A goal has already been scored and as we know 70% of matches in the first half ends under 1.5. This is the final for third place so a very tight game.

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