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The only shrewdness that the client must have (suggested by us) is to enter the over current market in steps at increasing odds so as to obtain a higher average stake which allows a greater profit: you can check the success rate of our system at the bottom of the page in the Super Alert Goal results.

Three types of Alert Goal are part of this channel, including the Super HT ????HOT???? which has a success rate of over 70% (it has very strict and unique selection conditions) and the Super HT with slightly lower statistics.

Super Alert Goals in the second half come on different types of results such as 0-0 and 1-1, which also make it a kind of Lay the Draw: in this case you go for the current over market.

It is advisable to check the reliability of the alert in the signal, which gives an indication of the strength of the alert and is a number between 2 and 18. The higher the value, the more likely the goal will come.

In the first half values above 5.00 and 6.00 are very good alerts while in the second half very good values are alerts with reliability above 4.5.

If the Super Alert says Alert on the Goal it is advisable not to do so as that alert has just seen the goal and therefore its 'job' has been done.


Types of alerts and their characteristics

Alert Super HT HOT
Super HT ????HOT????

The system's top signal with an HT success rate > 70%. Super HT Hot arrives in the first half on the score of 0 - 0. Two different modes are suggested:

1) Enter with your stake
if you win ✅ HT you go to the next one
if lose HT❌ you stop and wait for the next alert.
We suggest entry on over 0.5 HT in steps:
50% stake odds 1.7 - 1.8
25% stake at odds of 2.5
25% stake 3.0 odds

2) entry with 50% of the stake
if win ✅ HT you go to the next one
if lose HT ❌ you make the recovery in the second half (most goals come around the 50th - 65th minute). in the event of a goal evaluate green up after 4 minutes from the goal.
over 1.5 FT step entry:
50% share 1.80 - 2.00
25% odds 2.5 - 2.7
25% share 3.00 - 3.5

Alert Super HT
Super HT

HT signal with a success rate below HOT (however above 60%) arriving on the result of 0-1 or 1-0.

Entry 50% own stake (same steps on over 1.5 HT as for HT HOT)
if win ✅ HT you go to the next one
if lose HT❌ you recover in the second half with the remaining 50% stake split.
We suggest entry on over 2.5 FT in step
50% Stake odds 1.8 - 1.9
25% Stake at 2.5
25% Stake odds 3.0

On the 1-1 result we green up and on other results we may consider staying in the market.

Super Alert Goal secondo tempo
Super Alert Goal

The Super Alert Goal is a signal sent in the second half with a success rate > 70% that arrives on several results.

It is recommended to enter in steps at increasing odds. We recommend entering on the current over and possibly investing a small part on the following over (excellent percentage of 2 goals after super alert goal).

Entry betting on current over with 50% stake at odds of 1.5 - 1.7
Entry with 25% stake at odds of 2.1 - 2.2
Entry with 25% stake at odds of 2.9 - 3.0

You can reserve a small percentage stake to enter at higher odds


The Super Alert Goal is a channel officially launched in January 2020, but the aforementioned service was already in use by Gianluca Landi since 2019, who wanted to give everyone the chance to see this unique system working, which allows with a very high reliability to 'know in advance' when a goal is about to be scored. There is no magic sphere, no secret, but an algorithm that takes into account a series of variables that allow you to identify live when there are explosive conditions for a goall.

How to Join the Super Alert Goal

To take advantage of Super Alert Goal by Gianluca Landi, you need to go to the site and complete the registration form indicating your Telegram ID, which allows you to be recognised by the Bot and to be added to the channel.

The cost to join the service is 9 euros per month (this is not the value of the service).

Once you have completed registration on the site, you will receive an automatic email with the procedure for joining the bot. It is recommended that you follow the instructions given and in case of problems you can write to technical support who will solve the problems in no time.


Super Alert Goal results

Every week you will find the updated data in this excel file so that you can consult it and study the signals that have arrived.

Download super alert goal results

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