Alert Lay The Draw by Gianluca Landi

ALERT LAY THE DRAW by Gianluca Landi

The first alert service that shows you the price and what to do during the game!

Many have had the opportunity to use the Alert Goal by Gianluca Landi as a trial or customers, verifying personally its results and potential. The AlertGoal Gianluca Landi is an advanced tool for expert sports traders: with the purpouse of making this tool friendly to everyone, we have made a simple and immediate version where the only thing you have to do is placing the bet once you receive a notification sent by Telegram.

How does it work

The system sends signals in real time showing the market where to place a bet, the entry odds and what to do when a team scores a goal. Green up or cash out.


We created a proprietary algorithm that checks in real time all the games in play, and when all our parametrers are satisfied, a notification is sent to our dedicated telegram channels with all the details and instruction to follow.

Easy to use

The system is very easy to follow for everyone. Our phylosofy is quality over quantity, picking only verified and most profitable signals to avoid overtrading. It is always important to respect your money management and on this purpouse we create our own money management built on Alert statistics to help you maximizing profits and minimizing loss.

Who is Alert Lay the Draw designed for?

It is designed for people who have at least the basic knowledge of Sport Trading with the desire of saving time studying and checking all the stats and informations on every single game.

It is a unique service

The signals sent have all the informations needed: just place the bet on your betting exchange website in agreement with the money management.

Why use it?

The system provides only selected signals with a very high success rate. Everything can be verified in the following tables. Strenght in numbers.

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The results of the Alert Lay the Draw by Gianluca Landi are remarkable

The bets can be placed with a fixed or variable stake through our application of money management with dynamic recovery of losses.

Monthly Profit & Loss of the Alert Lay the Draw (50 euro single-operation liability)

Results from the start of the channel

Results from the start of the channel

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