Sport Trading Academy by Gianluca Landi

Learn sports trading and become a professional



The guarantee of a high level training that allows you to become a successful sports trader is provided by Gianluca Landi, who has years of experience in this field.


Reserved tools

During the course participants will be provided with a series of tools and sites that will greatly facilitate the work and management of sporting events during the live and the study of matches


 Telegram Group

After participating at the course you will not be alone, but you will be included in "my ecosystem" where you will have a direct and daily interaction with the participants and with the analysis of my staff.

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Who is addressed to the Sport Trading Academy by Gianluca Landi?

The sports trading academy by Gianluca Landi is aimed at both beginners and the "experts" because during the two full time and full intensive days, it is explained from the beginning all you need to know about betting exchange: the analysis of matches, the tools to use to become sports trader and to make this a profession. During the courses there are many hours of real time trading with real money to show What Landi taught previously

All people who behave in a correct and honest way can participate at the courses and it is recommended to read several times the book "Betting Exchange The Sports Trading Revolution" and to see the channel YouTube di Gianluca Landi


Find out more about the courses

How the sports trading academy by Gianluca Landi works

The sports Trading academy by Gianluca Landi uses a proprietary methodology tested on hundreds of students in recent years that allows, in the necessary and variable time frame from student to student, to forge their mindset and to become a sports trader. It is necessary to follow in a maniacal way what is taught, always respecting the management of money.

Here there are the steps to follow steps:

  1. Join one of the courses in the program and you will be contacted to understand if you have the mentality, the predisposition and the seriousness necessary to become part of the exclusive academy of Gianluca Landi. This opportunity is not for everyone, but for those who deserve it and who have the necessary requirements to be part of it.
  2. Follow the 2 days of full time courses where you will learn everything you need to know about this field. You will be provided and explained a series of unique tools that will greatly simplify the work. It’s necessary a sign of a confidentiality disclaimer of discretion for what is taught and the course is exclusively for personal reasons.
  3. You will be included in the exclusive Telegram groups where you will stay in daily contact with all the participants and you will receive the analysis and the "signals" in real time from Gianluca Landi or his collaborators. The group is free for the moment and it will still be given a free month to the students to test the value before pay for it.
  4. You will be followed in the following months by the trainer himself or by his team and you will be able to make any questions or requests that you deem most appropriate for your professional growth. You will never be alone but you’ll be in the middle of everything!
  5. After the end of the training course proposed to those who want it will be issued a certificate of participation at the course to be used also in the curriculum.


What could you do after you have attended the course?

After participating at the training program proposed you will be able, in the necessary time to follow all the proposed steps varying from student to student, to use the sports trading as your job, or do partime the evening and over the weekend to have an additional income. Only with a great effort and study too you can be able to undertake this new and fascinating profession.
If our student wants to collaborate with our structure to grow professionally and join our team you will also have this opportunity: it is up to you to seize it!